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By Oliver Batley: Wednesday 7th September, 2016

Death of the SI unit

On my first day as a young graduate engineer at Rolls-Royce, I remember reading a recruitment brochure whilst nervously waiting for my line manager to collect me. The brochure stated “Did you know: the F136 turbofan can lift ten elephants to the top of the Eiffel Tower in just six seconds”. My first thought – […]

By Niall Mottram: Tuesday 30th August, 2016

A little goes a long way – precision use of resources

St Louis. The Gateway to the West. A city steeped in US history where the meandering Mississippi and Missouri rivers mark the path deep into the heart of America. And it’s here two centuries on from the Lewis and Clark Expedition that the launch-pad for another bold new chapter in the evolution of this great […]

By Chris Roberts: Thursday 25th August, 2016

Just like us…

Recently, I went to the west coast of the US – always an inspiring place to be if you’re into technology. The second half of my trip was the final meeting on our voting machine project with IDEO and LA County – more on that here – but the first half was to visit our […]

By Lewis Woolfson: Friday 19th August, 2016

Quantum Technology – The Revolution is coming

Quantum physics may be the domain of scientists, but new advances in the technology will prove useful for us all. The science that describes the behaviour of nature on the smallest scale can be intimidating and counter-intuitive, even for those who deal with it every day. That being said, our understanding of this tiny world […]

By Mehmet Kaya: Thursday 4th August, 2016

The Cobotic force may be with you…

Like many people of my generation, I am a keen Star Wars fan starting from very first the one … Everything about it was mind blowing at that time. Most of all I was amused by the wobbly and clumsy robots, R2D2 and my favourite C-3P0. It was exceedingly impressive how they interacted with humans. […]

By Simon Jordan: Monday 25th July, 2016

Robots – from ‘Golden Fairy’ to ‘Iron Serf’

I’ve often been struck by how over-engineered industrial robot arms are. They are large, heavy machines which work to a remarkable precision and speed, and have an innate grace in their trajectories. This grace however, comes at a great financial cost. This is largely to do with the way in which the precision is achieved […]

By Dan Hulme: Thursday 14th July, 2016

Low power graphics for high power applications

When you think of mobile GPUs (graphics processing units), you’re probably thinking of smartphones. Graphically intensive mobile games and increasing screen densities have driven the demand for low-power GPUs and video encode/decode hardware. With the availability of this power, demands are being driven further with new applications such as mobile VR (virtual reality). For example, […]

By Tom Fry: Tuesday 12th July, 2016

Technology Transfer to some of the World’s Largest Industries

My colleague’s article on Edge Intelligence is well timed. Economic and environmental pressures are forcing companies, and indeed entire industries, to find ever more innovative solutions to optimize their processes and reduce down time. The shift from traditional manufacturing processes towards Smart Factories or Industry 4.0 requires a combination of smart sensors, wireless and wired […]

Ballot Marking Device (BMD)
By Chris Roberts: Tuesday 12th July, 2016

Enabling Democracy

One of the bigger projects I’ve been working on over the last eighteen months is the Voting System Assessment Project for LA County  in collaboration with IDEO and Digital Foundry.  Together with IDEO we’ve been helping to design the hardware and build the prototypes. Last week, we went over to LA to participate in the […]

Picking Fruit
By Chris Roberts: Wednesday 8th June, 2016

Shallow Thoughts on Deep Learning

One of the problems in working with robotics and machine vision, is that it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish the easy problems from the hard ones. Randall Monroe said it better than I can here. We ran into this problem with our robot fruit-picker – sometimes people just didn’t get how difficult it is for a vision algorithm […]