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Smart Home
By Tom Fry: Monday 17th April, 2017

How much energy is your home consuming? And where is it going?

How much energy is your home consuming? And where is it going? Home energy monitoring is an industry that has experienced rapid growth over last 5 years but this is a question that many home owners still find themselves asking. Traditionally, home energy management systems can very easily measure the total power consumption of the […]

By Tim Murdoch: Wednesday 3rd December, 2014

What comes first – the device or the service?

The ‘Internet of Things’ is no longer about things. Nor, really, has it ever been about the internet. It is about us – you, me and the services we use. What we used to know as machine-to-machine communications – for monitoring expensive equipment – delivered radical changes across a number of industries. Complex capital equipment […]

By Tim Murdoch: Wednesday 13th August, 2014

The internet of wild things

There really is nowhere left to hide. “Instant Wild”, the digital service we built with the London Zoological Society to take photos of activities in remote areas of Kenya, continues to capture the imagination. This time in a piece on the internet of things (IoT) for Oracle’s profit magazine. As an example of where the […]

By Tim Murdoch: Thursday 10th July, 2014

A revolutionary digital service that truly changed the world

The Nokia 1100 is arguably the world’s most successful phone. The best-selling consumer electronics device ever, this entry-level phone – with few features except voice and text messaging – sold 250 million units. Although humble by today’s standards, this phone was our reference for a revolutionary new digital service that truly changed the world. When […]

women said, woman listening to gossip
By Tim Murdoch: Monday 10th March, 2014

Whatsapp was great value, yes really

At $19 billion for a digital service operated by 55 people, Whatsapp was great value. Well that is what Zuckerberg told the audience at Mobile World Congress last week. Most talk in the audience though was quite the opposite: $19 billion for 55 people; that’s just mad even if they do have over 450 million […]

By Tim Murdoch: Tuesday 4th March, 2014

Digital Services demand scale; and true scale really is very big indeed.

Sitting listening to Coke at Mobile World Congress on Monday evening was a lesson in scale. MWC is a big swirl of noise and activity and in amongst it an avalanche of glitzy product launches and new initiatives. Coke’s vision is bigger: Probably the biggest brand and broadest reach of any company anywhere with 1.8 billion bottles sold […]