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By admin: Wednesday 13th July, 2011

Windfarms on a collision course?

According to Renewables UK , the UK is the windiest country in Europe, so much so that we could power our country several times over using this free fuel. A modern 2.5MW turbine at a reasonable site will generate 6.5 million units of electricity each year, enough to meet the annual needs of over 1,400 […]

By Alan Richardson: Wednesday 29th June, 2011

Cambridge White Space Trial – first tweet over White Space by Cambridge Consultants?

One of the progenitors of innovative wireless product development is the adoption of new standards …The first radio concept along these lines is the use of the white space in the TV spectrum on allocation and time dependent basis to provide services such as rural broadband and yesterday we sent the first tweet over a white space link from our building at Cambridge Consultants to a subscriber terminal in Cottenham.

By admin: Monday 20th June, 2011

When is it good to be disruptive?

I still haven’t made my mind up about twitter and whether or not this form of communication is a good thing or a complete waste of time in a B2B context. That said, amongst others, I’ve started following Hermann Hauser’s ‘tweets’.  In one of his recent tweets he mentioned that he had just taken delivery […]


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