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By Niall Mottram: Thursday 11th February, 2016

It’s not what you do; it’s the way that you do it

What do drug delivery technologies, Charles Darwin and modern day agriculture have in common? At first glance you can probably make a case for the latter two having a connection, after all, the variants of wheat, soy and maize that feed the mouths of billions daily are the result of clever breeding programs to accelerate […]

By Tom Fry: Wednesday 9th December, 2015

You’re in for a soaking: when toys meet Agritech

When pulling together the technologies needed for our targeted crop spraying demonstration the mechanical engineering and fluidics presented some interesting challenges. The effect we needed was akin to that of an inkjet printer, capable of dispensing a precise volume of liquid with precise timing and direction. However, the volume and distance involved quickly ruled out […]

By Dave Gladwin: Tuesday 1st September, 2015

A Tall Tale – Vertical Farming

Throughout the history of mankind we have had to evolve the way we feed ourselves, from hunter-gatherers, through subsistence farming through to the industrial scale farming of today. If we are to survive the next 50 years the next evolution will have to be another “green revolution”. To put the growth into perspective: if the […]

By Chris Roberts: Tuesday 8th July, 2014

Insight into industrial sensing and control technology from North America sensors conference

I’m just back from Sensors Expo in Chicago, the largest dedicated sensors conference in North America.  Nathan Wrench head of our Industrial Campaign, and I went along to see what we could learn about the latest industrial sensing and control technology, and to work out if we should be presenting there next year. Being more […]

By Nathan Wrench: Monday 23rd June, 2014

Tangled big data in precision agriculture: how are you going to harvest all that information?

Last week at Cereals we remarked on the gap between agronomy and technology (field sensor and satellite data, etc) that remains in evidence in Precision Agriculture.  Today at the Smart AgriMatics conference in Paris, focussed on the future of ICT and Robotics in agriculture, industry leaders were talking about that same gap and what could […]

By Nathan Wrench: Monday 16th June, 2014

Are connected sensors and services the next big thing for precision agriculture?

Given the scale of the impact on the bottom line that service businesses can make, it seems likely that in time these new bit-players in agriculture could end up holding the cards and controlling where the big money gets spent. Precision agriculture is about to get exciting.