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By Simon Jordan: Friday 2nd June, 2017

Correlation or cause – real sensors for the age of fake news?

The energy grid is a wide and complex system with many inputs and a huge number of outputs and consumers. Demand is fluctuating all the time, yet the information coming back from consumers may be months out of date. It’s possible to measure the inputs to the system at the distribution side, but that gives […]

By Tom Fry: Tuesday 12th July, 2016

Technology Transfer to some of the World’s Largest Industries

My colleague’s article on Edge Intelligence is well timed. Economic and environmental pressures are forcing companies, and indeed entire industries, to find ever more innovative solutions to optimize their processes and reduce down time. The shift from traditional manufacturing processes towards Smart Factories or Industry 4.0 requires a combination of smart sensors, wireless and wired […]

By Andrew Strong: Thursday 27th August, 2015

A marvel of science – the hidden world of optical fibre sensors

The largely unseen optical fibre that we take so much for granted today is a marvel of science. Normally consisting mostly of pure silica, it has a diameter of just a few millionths of a metre and levels of impurity in the glass of a few parts per billion – leading to optical losses close […]


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