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India drug delivery report 2013
By admin: Wednesday 13th March, 2013

Will India drive the pharma industry’s next generation product development?

A team of us have just got back from a whistle stop trip to Mumbai where we held a fascinating workshop with the country’s top pharma companies to identify the challenges ahead for this booming business sector within India. Many think of India’s pharmaceutical industry as synonymous with low cost generic drugs – the type […]

By Alan Richardson: Thursday 31st January, 2013

Platform for your Ambition in Innovative Product development

Cambridge Consultants work with many leading brands to develop products that change the game. World leading products are taken from concept, through proof of concept, followed by prototyping and on to full manufactured products in our innovative product development cycle. Our engineering, life sciences, electronics and wireless labs provide a rich working environment to support […]

By Alan Richardson: Sunday 14th October, 2012

Decision Making in Innovative Product Development

There are many chllenges in Innovative Product Development. To be successful involves a multidisciplinary collaboration involving marketing, engineering, sales, manufacturing and quality. For a product to be successful, it has to be the right product at the right price that fits with the brand positioning of the organisation.  The discussions that define what product is […]

By Alan Richardson: Friday 18th May, 2012

Changing thoughts into action: innovations in medical product development

Working in the breakthrough technology and product development sector can be thrilling particularly when you see other organisations building on research from multiple parties and making advances that really benefit people. Its very often in the space of innovative medical product development that some of the most satisfying projects are done because you can see the real benefits they offer to real people. This week I saw Fergus Walsh’s inspiring report about Brain Control of a robotic arm enabling a paralysed person to take a drink unaided.


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