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By Oliver Batley: Wednesday 7th September, 2016

Death of the SI unit

On my first day as a young graduate engineer at Rolls-Royce, I remember reading a recruitment brochure whilst nervously waiting for my line manager to collect me. The brochure stated “Did you know: the F136 turbofan can lift ten elephants to the top of the Eiffel Tower in just six seconds”. My first thought – […]

By Chris Roberts: Thursday 25th August, 2016

Just like us…

Recently, I went to the west coast of the US – always an inspiring place to be if you’re into technology. The second half of my trip was the final meeting on our voting machine project with IDEO and LA County – more on that here – but the first half was to visit our […]

By Dan Hulme: Thursday 14th July, 2016

Low power graphics for high power applications

When you think of mobile GPUs (graphics processing units), you’re probably thinking of smartphones. Graphically intensive mobile games and increasing screen densities have driven the demand for low-power GPUs and video encode/decode hardware. With the availability of this power, demands are being driven further with new applications such as mobile VR (virtual reality). For example, […]

By Tom Fry: Tuesday 12th July, 2016

Technology Transfer to some of the World’s Largest Industries

My colleague’s article on Edge Intelligence is well timed. Economic and environmental pressures are forcing companies, and indeed entire industries, to find ever more innovative solutions to optimize their processes and reduce down time. The shift from traditional manufacturing processes towards Smart Factories or Industry 4.0 requires a combination of smart sensors, wireless and wired […]

Delivering Software Quality
By Jonathan Pallant: Monday 16th May, 2016

Delivering Software Quality

There’s a general sense these days that software is difficult. We’ve seen some large open source projects hit the headlines recently, with critical bugs given press-friendly names like Heartbleed and Shellshock. I believe a rigorous approach to the discipline of software engineering is key to both avoiding these sorts of issues in the first place […]

Empty shopping cart in supermarket store interior - retail and shopping concept
By Tom Fry: Monday 21st March, 2016

Innovation in Retail – How do you create a personalised in-store experience?

How do you use the big data mined from online shopping to create a personalised in-store experience? The topic of creating a personalised in-store shopping experience was raised a number of times at the RBTE (Retail Business Technology Expo) in London on the 9th & 10th March.  It in fact dominated the open panel discussion […]

An elephant in the room
By Max Middleton: Monday 29th February, 2016

Elephant repellent

“Do you like my elephant repellent?” “But there are no elephants around here…!” “Good, isn’t it?”   Except there are… When the Challenger blew up in 1986 (30 years ago) I was a 13 yr old, fascinated about everything to do with space exploration (and New Romantic music…and Ferris Bueller, but that’s a different blog). […]

By Karl Moore: Friday 9th October, 2015

Selecting a Contract Manufacturer – The Importance of the First Visit

Having been involved in previous projects which required working with manufacturers, as well as being interested in taking my designs from concept to manufacture I jumped at the chance to be involved with a project selecting a manufacturer for a client. A couple of months ago I, as part of a team, visited a number […]

By Simon Naylor: Tuesday 18th August, 2015

Debunking the myth of regulatory burden

After 17 years of designing and launching product developments into a wide range of market sectors including consumer, industrial and medical, I’ve had first hand experience of numerous regulations and associated standards. Seen by many as a burden, I would like to challenge this view. If we take Europe as an example, then from a […]

By Antonno Versteeg: Monday 27th July, 2015

Innovation is like cycling: it is all about balance

Learning to cycle is something that is hard, needs perseverance and might include a few painful crashes along the way. But after a while things will become easier and when the brain has learnt how to balance and push the pedals, this skill is almost impossible to ‘unlearn’. In a sense, successful innovation is similar. […]


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