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By Alan Richardson: Friday 11th May, 2012

Medical implant vulnerability is not fundamental

A number of recent reports have highlighted the potential vulnerability of medical implants to hacker attack. It is undoubtedly possible to produce radio linked devices for many applications that are vulnerable to attack and vulnerability tends to increase for battery powered devices because some cryptographic and authentication functions use significant energy.

By Alan Richardson: Monday 11th October, 2010

Choices in sourcing product development

So you are planning to conduct a new product development. You’ve quite a number of choices:

You could in source – it yourself if you have the capability
You could in source the design but augment your team

By Alan Richardson: Thursday 25th March, 2010

Accelerating Start Up Companies

Start up companies can grow at much faster rates than established companies because of their ability to innovate in a way that transforms markets and so any government wanting to improve the economy is well advised to think on how it can accelerate start up companies.


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