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Come in from the cold with a job in engineering

By Tom Bloomfield - Last updated: Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Engineering jobs come in all shapes and sizes. At Cambridge Consultants, our talented engineers work on some amazing projects. Take for example the work that we have been doing with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) to develop motion-triggered cameras that use satellite communication to beam near-real-time images of animals from the remotest areas of Africa.

Well, that technology has now gone from the heat of Africa to the cold of the Antarctic. The cameras are now being used to keep track of penguins. ZSL Living Conversation has set up a new monitoring array using the same camera technology, to monitor an area of the southern polar region. This clearly demonstrates the wide range of engineering jobs and challenges we face on a regular basis and going from such extremes of hot and cold, requires technology that is durable, adaptable and long lasting – and of course, the brilliant engineers to develop it.

The breadth of wireless projects that generate engineering jobs include satellite communications, remote communications, connected devices, location and positioning and radio systems to name just a few. The ZSL project is a prime example of how the technologies our engineers develop help others to meet their requirements.

We are always looking for talented engineers to join our team and with engineering jobs here providing the opportunity to work on stimulating and diverse projects that can come with such unique challenges what reason is there to stay out in the cold?


AuthorTom Bloomfield

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