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CES 2017
By Morgan Denno: Sunday 29th January, 2017

Taming the Beast – A first timer’s view of CES

As a first time CES-goer and a major introvert, I decided to do some research leading up to the event. “Monstrous”, “complete chaos”, “madness”, and “Vegas on steroids” were some of the descriptions that I received from CES veterans. Needless to say, I remained nervous and mentally steeled myself for the event that lay ahead. […]

By Sajith Wimalaratne: Tuesday 24th January, 2017

CES 2017: Smart homes, drones and fitness monitors

A few weeks ago, my colleagues and I were at CES 2017 and as always it gets bigger and better every year. Vegas really is something else!!! This year was doubly cool, because this is the first time we have exhibited with our new colleagues from Synapse, who of course brought along helping of West […]

Our busy stand at CES 2015
By Duncan Smith: Monday 26th January, 2015

CES wrap up – the year of wearable connected product development

CES grew this year passing last year’s 160,000 attendees after only two days of the show. Certainly for Cambridge Consultants it was our busiest ever show – the Digital Health and Sports & Fitness area was abuzz with excitement at what feels like one of the fastest evolving sectors in the industry. For those of you […]

Product Progression with Energy Labelling
By Roger Burton: Monday 5th September, 2011

Raising Standards – Do we need a new rating system?

Energy labelling has change the way that consumers shop. From its first introduction in the early 1990s to its most recent manifestation (since the original draft in 1992, EU legislation has been updated 12 times), it has concentrated on one thing – Energy. Consumers have developed an understanding of the ways that energy equates to […]

Stem - the vacuum concept which uses 43% less energy in use
By Edd Brunner: Monday 5th September, 2011

The eco-vacs are coming

  Roger and I headed to IFA on Friday to share the latest result of our Ecovation process, Stem – our concept for reducing the impact vacuums have on the environment by 27% and reducing the energy used by 43%.  We had some really good meetings with a number of the big manufacturers, so it was […]

By Duncan Smith: Monday 27th June, 2011

Google Health and PowerMeter are closing – 5 reasons this may not be a coincidence

Last friday Google announced that it is withdrawing two of its services – Google Health and Google PowerMeter. It’s no coincidence that these two have been announced at the same time….

By Edd Brunner: Thursday 7th April, 2011

Shouldn’t eco-credentials be taken for granted?

This week Rachel, Ruth and I continued to spread the good word according to Kevin (pictured above!) – the Cambridge Consultants process  for developing breakthrough technologies and innovations that significantly reduce the impact products have on the environment.  The latest workshop was part of the Cambridge Programme for Sustainable Leadership’s Master of Studies course.  CPSL […]

By Richard Williams: Sunday 26th September, 2010

UMI and Smart Meters at Metering and Billing 2010

Last week in Vienna saw the major European conference on Smart Metering. Our colleague Alistair Morfey presented UMI – Universal Metering Interface on Wednesday 22nd September in the afternoon session on Standardisation and Interoperability. You may be thinking why is metering so important to consumers – meters are those ugly grey boxes which are buried […]