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By Isobel Ashbey: Tuesday 14th June, 2016

Shockingly simple – haptics, a touch of genius

Touch is arguably the most underappreciated of all our senses. Our fingertips can give us amazing and subtle detail about the surface in front of us- is it rough? soft? fluffy? Your fingertips can tell you if you’re touching paper or leather without a second thought. It is now commonplace to hear someone’s voice and […]

By Andrew Lintott: Monday 16th June, 2014

Consumer product development and disability – Kicking off the discussion

Juliano Pinto making the first kick of the World Cup with the aid of a robotic exoskeleton made me realise just how many consumer products really don’t go very far towards accommodating people with impairments, and how much of disability is simply lack of well-designed products.

By Ruth Thomson: Tuesday 25th March, 2014

So what’s new in Wearable Technology?

Last week saw the inaugural Wearable Tech Expo in London, with a wide variety of talks, panels and exhibition stands exploring the technology behind wearables and the many possible application areas from sports & fitness to digital health to entertainment to enterprise. Whilst there wasn’t much new content so soon after CES and MWC, it […]

By Gabriel Villar: Monday 23rd December, 2013

The Cambrian explosion of smart fabrics

Textiles and electronics are both well-established fields. The prospect of combining the two is intriguing, but how best to do so is far from certain. The Smart Fabrics Europe 2013 conference explored the potential benefits and means of embedding electronics into textiles. Although other fascinating topics were covered, such as antibacterial textiles and humidity-responsive yarns, […]

By Ruth Thomson: Wednesday 18th December, 2013

Contagious ideas…Are you infected yet?!

Last week saw the bi-continent Most Contagious 2013 with consumer trend setters, thought leaders, marketing agencies and brand owners collected together in both London & New York to discuss the most contagious ideas of 2013. Dripping in inspiration for innovative consumer product developments & ideas on how to market to today’s consumers, the event explored […]

By Ruth Thomson: Friday 3rd May, 2013

Is technology emerging from ‘behind the screen’?

We all love technology but we also hide behind it!  How long per day do you spend looking at your phone? your computer?  Does living in a digital world mean that we have to experience life through a screen?  According to Contagious 71% of 18 to 24 year olds in the UK use their tablet […]

By Duncan Smith: Tuesday 21st December, 2010

CES is only two weeks away….

…. it seems hard to believe at the moment, as we prepare for a brief chance to enjoy taking consuming our products at Christmas, but in two weeks we’ll be setting up the stand for another exciting Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  As Rachel mentioned, we’ll be showing two of the innovative consumer products […]

By Edd Brunner: Wednesday 28th April, 2010

What do you get for your extra dimension?

You might have heard that TVs are getting an extra dimension.  My PS3 is already 3D ready, so apart from watching things not quite hit you in the face, what use is it? So far I’ve been somewhat under-whelmed by 3D – the annoyance of wearing those glasses has outweighed the occasional feeling of actually […]

By Matthew Hill: Wednesday 28th April, 2010

A different way to squeeze

Suma introduced our vision for a new squeezable interface controller. The fully functional demo we took to CES in January for the  launch was a big hit and got some excellent press, making the show’s top 10 in SolidSmack. However we’ve been even busier since then and we’ve extended our thinking to how we can […]

By Matthew Hill: Tuesday 27th April, 2010

We’re not alone in the soft new world of Squeezable User Interfaces

In a recent blog I discussed some of the current trends that we can see/will see in the world of user interfaces. In this blog I will look at a few more that fall under the “squeezable” variety. Our own take on this, the Suma platform, is an analogue hand-held device that senses the level […]