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By Sajith Wimalaratne: Monday 11th September, 2017

Millennials: shaping the food and beverage industry

Millennials, or Generation Y, hold a huge buying power in today’s economy and are expected to spend billions upon billions before the end of this year alone (2017). It’s really important for brands that are trying to reach millennials to understand our (yes, I’m a millennial too) influences and purchasing habits. According to Forbes: Over […]

Photo credit:Marcus Dawes
By Max Middleton: Tuesday 30th May, 2017

Strong and stable leadership in a changing world

Ok, ok, so maybe the title is deliberately chosen to attract your attention – and maybe your indignation – but a particular change in leadership at the Royal College of Art in London, UK is especially interesting to me. Sir Jony Ive has been appointed as Chancellor of the RCA, succeeding Sir James Dyson. Although Sir […]

CES 2017
By Morgan Denno: Sunday 29th January, 2017

Taming the Beast – A first timer’s view of CES

As a first time CES-goer and a major introvert, I decided to do some research leading up to the event. “Monstrous”, “complete chaos”, “madness”, and “Vegas on steroids” were some of the descriptions that I received from CES veterans. Needless to say, I remained nervous and mentally steeled myself for the event that lay ahead. […]

Happy young couple having date and riding segway in park
By Jeremy Gordon: Monday 11th July, 2016

What makes a product clever?

While traveling a couple of months back I had the frightening and life-altering experience pleasure of staying in a hotel equipped with heated/self-cleaning toilet seats.  The self-cleaning feature automatically (on some predetermined schedule evidently meant to frighten those attempting to sleep) deployed from the rear of the seat a telescoping wand reminiscent of an alien […]

Does one size fit all?
By Ruth Thomson: Monday 20th June, 2016

Wearable technology goes soft…

A few weeks ago WEAR came to Seaport in Boston, right on my doorstep!  It was a pleasant novelty to be able to walk out of our office at 745 Atlantic Ave into the sunshine and shortly afterwards walk into the packed conference venue with many familiar faces from across the international wearable technology world. […]

By Ruth Thomson: Friday 12th February, 2016

We’re growing! Are you up for the challenges of innovative product development?

I moved across the pond to Boston last May….(wow have I already been here 9 months!?!?) to commercially lead our IDEC (Industrial Defense Energy Consumer) division in North America alongside my colleague Matthew Hill who takes the operational reins. Cambridge Consultants has had a presence in Boston for over 10 years with our medical technologies division and me […]

coffee beans
By Jeremy Gordon: Monday 18th January, 2016

What is all the fuss with cold brew coffee? Is this really an innovation in beverage systems?

First things first, I have never been much of a coffee drinker.  I know, right…the guy worked for Keurig and doesn’t like coffee!  The truth is, by the time I graduated and entered the working world I don’t think I had ever had a single cup of coffee.  I had tried a sip here or […]

Formulation Summit
By Peter Luebcke: Thursday 26th November, 2015

Sensorial is everything – just make sure it’s natural

We attended the new look Formulation Summit for cosmetic products in London which was hosted by the team that brings us the well-known annual InCosmetics trade fairs across Europe, Asia and South America.  This new format aimed to focus more on the final formulation rather that the properties and efficacy of the myriad individual ingredients […]

CC File Upload
By Edd Brunner: Thursday 6th August, 2015

How can innovative consumer product development help buck the trend of declining tea sales?

I read an article in the Guardian yesterday which highlighted that, according to Mintel, total tea sales in the UK have fallen by more than 6% over the last five years. To be honest I find this a little surprising given the dramatic rise in more specialist and high value teas such as green and […]

Man with mountain bike talking on cell phone
By Peter Luebcke: Wednesday 29th April, 2015

Monitoring behaviour – how people actually use products

In the consumer products sector the raison d’etre for sports and fitness devices is to monitor a range of ‘physical’ parameters from pulse rate, sleep and temperature to how fast and far the person moves so by definition it is monitoring the physical behaviour of that individual.  The fact that they look cool and techy […]