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coffee pods
By Edd Brunner: Thursday 4th May, 2017

The challenges of consumable-appliance system design

There has been a lot in the press recently about Juicero – a cold press juice system launched last year by a well-funded Silicon Valley start-up. The system comprises of a consumer focused appliance that uses high force to squeeze juice from a single-serve consumable to produce a fresh, high quality and healthy juice drink. […]

By Edd Brunner: Monday 27th February, 2017

The power of the vacuum – insight from the Japan Food Service Equipment Show 2017

Last week I visited the Japan Food Service Equipment Show in Tokyo which is Japan’s largest exhibition for the hospitality, food service and catering industries. Whilst there was a lot of globally familiar appliances and beverage dispensing systems there, much of what was on show had a very Japanese feel to it. And that was namely […]

Intelligent fonts
By Sajith Wimalaratne: Monday 14th November, 2016

Wine, beer and data – How smart is your dispensing system?

My colleagues and I were at the BrauBeviale 2016 in Nuremburg last week. We have been serving personalised wines through our Vinfusion technology and demonstrating our reverse cyclone system to produce emulsions at the point of dispense. BrauBeviale is one of the biggest exhibitions for the whole process chain of beverage production, from ingredients to […]

Fresh Thinking for the FMCG Sector
By Amy King: Thursday 7th July, 2016

IoT and FMCG – it’s not just about the Pork Pies

In June, delegates from the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry and some very excited CC’ers ventured to Melton Mowbray (the rural capital of the Pork Pie) to enjoy a two day workshop centred on the Internet of Things (IoT). The workshop focused on examining the role that the IoT will play in creating opportunities […]

By Sajith Wimalaratne: Tuesday 19th January, 2016

CES 2016: Smart, Connected and “Internet of Things”

Everything these days is prefixed with the word “smart”, “intelligent” or “connected”. This is an area where Cambridge Consultants have been working on understanding what it means to the good old consumer and the retailers . It is very clear that world is moving towards everything being connected from water bottles, weighing scales, alarm clocks, […]

By Edd Brunner: Friday 13th November, 2015

Technology transfer at Brau Beviale

Transferring technologies, experience and approaches is something that Cambridge Consultants has been doing for over 50 years – it’s one of our main differentiators. It allows proven technologies to revolutionise a new sector and provide innovation without having to invent something from scratch And so it was great to see that approach being used in […]

By Henry Fletcher: Friday 25th September, 2015

Where’s my robot?

I get asked this question surprisingly often and not by impatient clients looking for their hardware but by my friends and family. I get the feeling that, like their parents a generation before them, they are thinking of a smiling tin can, standing on two legs and busying itself removing the creases from their latest […]

Man with mountain bike talking on cell phone
By Peter Luebcke: Wednesday 29th April, 2015

Monitoring behaviour – how people actually use products

In the consumer products sector the raison d’etre for sports and fitness devices is to monitor a range of ‘physical’ parameters from pulse rate, sleep and temperature to how fast and far the person moves so by definition it is monitoring the physical behaviour of that individual.  The fact that they look cool and techy […]

By Rob Marchington: Thursday 4th December, 2014

Connected drinks and smart glasses – Alcohol Innovation Congress 2014

Earlier this week Edd and I attended the Alcohol Innovation Congress in London. We took our Hoppier demo, our latest innovation in the beer space (as recently covered by Reuters), which proved to be a success, and certainly got people thinking a little differently about how to bring a level of personalisation to consumers. A […]

By Edd Brunner: Sunday 12th January, 2014

CES 2014 – Limited but insightful beverage technologies

CES has always been a purely consumer electronics show, with very limited appliance technology, unlike IFA that Iain and Ben went to in September last year. That said, there usually is one or two interesting items (such as our tea machine concept that we showed last year). This year was similar, although there was one […]