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VR sports experience
By Dan Hulme: Thursday 24th November, 2016

Sports and Virtual Reality

Campus London hosted a one-day event Putting Sports Fans in the Game with Virtual Reality, bringing together rights-holders, brand managers, broadcasters, and producers to discuss how they’re already using 360° stereographic video and virtual reality (VR) content to offer more content to fans, and the industry trends for the next couple of years. The buzzwords […]

Concept drawing for 'Revolver' design
By George Butcher: Monday 8th August, 2016

Smart Scholars create Smart Shoe

Every sports shop you go into has walls full of hundreds of neon sports shoes, all shouting about how their construction will help you maximise performance and minimise injury. But do they do enough? We’re not static when we do sport. We probably don’t just do the same thing over and over again. Your foot […]

Elite athletes in velodrome
By Will Harrison: Wednesday 3rd August, 2016

Technology Fit for an Olympian

The Olympics are upon us again, with the most naturally gifted and highly trained athletes in the world coming together to compete in Rio. Behind the performances of many of these athletes is a wealth of technology that is being used to help the athletes maximise their performance. In competition equipment is optimised for every […]

Sports and fitness technology
By Ben Windsor: Thursday 23rd June, 2016

Connecting the Fast and the Furious…

Last week saw the first Elite Sports Conference take place at the Excel Centre in London. It was full of companies related to elite sport including physiotherapy and rehabilitation companies, gym equipment manufacturers, analysts of live sport broadcasting, and there were several innovative sports related sensors on show. Two themes in particular were fairly widespread. […]

wearable device development
By Ruth Thomson: Tuesday 12th April, 2016

Fitness technology development – FAST!

A few weeks ago saw the annual Wearable Technology Show in London which explored the latest and greatest applications and technologies for wearable technology. It’s basically a much smaller but more manageable CES. It was interesting to see the continuing trend towards an every growing range of sensors for monitoring (e.g. I found a booth […]

By Ruth Thomson: Wednesday 27th January, 2016

Changes at CES and the world of connected product development

Earlier this month saw the doors of CES open for yet another year.  It was my 8th year at the show (Gezzz I am getting old!),  and it was bigger and louder than ever. It has been fascinating being part of this monstrosity of an event and being part of how it has morphed and […]

Man with mountain bike talking on cell phone
By Peter Luebcke: Wednesday 29th April, 2015

Monitoring behaviour – how people actually use products

In the consumer products sector the raison d’etre for sports and fitness devices is to monitor a range of ‘physical’ parameters from pulse rate, sleep and temperature to how fast and far the person moves so by definition it is monitoring the physical behaviour of that individual.  The fact that they look cool and techy […]

By Ruth Thomson: Tuesday 21st April, 2015

What’s your next connected product development?

Last week sunny Santa Clara hosted Bluetooth World with an ever increasing variety of companies from different market sectors coming to the event, along with the silicon vendors and test houses and other service providers, to explore the possibilities that connectivity could provide for their businesses.    From homes and enterprise to sports & fitness,  wellness […]

By Martin Brock: Friday 20th March, 2015

Winning a W at the Wearable technology show!

Last week was the Wearable Tech Expo show at the Excel in London. It was a fun show to be part of with people from all different industries coming to learn and engage on this ever increasingly popular topic. For most of the 2nd day I was at our booth fetchingly kitted out in a […]

wearable technology expo logo
By Ruth Thomson: Thursday 19th March, 2015

Wearable technology for performance sports

Last week saw the 2nd annual Wearable Tech Expo in London, and it was great to see the growth of this event (numbers up 250% from last year!) and the increasing interest, but also, increasing maturity in this growing technology sector. This event draws people with interest in wearable technology from across a wide range […]