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connected systems
By David Gladwin: Monday 13th February, 2017

There’s no such thing as a connected device

Before you throw your toys out of the pram and shout “rubbish!” let me qualify that – a connected device has little value without a connected system behind it. In this world of hype and buzzwords it is often the highly visible device that is the focus of attention; we are often approached and asked […]

Sun care
By Dr Felix Hellwig: Tuesday 30th August, 2016

Tan Taming Technology – Beating the Lobster Look

Are you, like me, one of those pale Caucasians getting fried alive in the smouldering Mediterranean sun each year? For me the answer is – yes, countless times! Clearly there must be a better way than just applying sun screen and hoping for the best. In fact, the sun care sector has a massive potential […]

Concept drawing for 'Revolver' design
By George Butcher: Monday 8th August, 2016

Smart Scholars create Smart Shoe

Every sports shop you go into has walls full of hundreds of neon sports shoes, all shouting about how their construction will help you maximise performance and minimise injury. But do they do enough? We’re not static when we do sport. We probably don’t just do the same thing over and over again. Your foot […]

Elite athletes in velodrome
By Will Harrison: Wednesday 3rd August, 2016

Technology Fit for an Olympian

The Olympics are upon us again, with the most naturally gifted and highly trained athletes in the world coming together to compete in Rio. Behind the performances of many of these athletes is a wealth of technology that is being used to help the athletes maximise their performance. In competition equipment is optimised for every […]

Sports and fitness technology
By Ben Windsor: Thursday 23rd June, 2016

Connecting the Fast and the Furious…

Last week saw the first Elite Sports Conference take place at the Excel Centre in London. It was full of companies related to elite sport including physiotherapy and rehabilitation companies, gym equipment manufacturers, analysts of live sport broadcasting, and there were several innovative sports related sensors on show. Two themes in particular were fairly widespread. […]

Does one size fit all?
By Ruth Thomson: Monday 20th June, 2016

Wearable technology goes soft…

A few weeks ago WEAR came to Seaport in Boston, right on my doorstep!  It was a pleasant novelty to be able to walk out of our office at 745 Atlantic Ave into the sunshine and shortly afterwards walk into the packed conference venue with many familiar faces from across the international wearable technology world. […]

wearable device development
By Ruth Thomson: Tuesday 12th April, 2016

Fitness technology development – FAST!

A few weeks ago saw the annual Wearable Technology Show in London which explored the latest and greatest applications and technologies for wearable technology. It’s basically a much smaller but more manageable CES. It was interesting to see the continuing trend towards an every growing range of sensors for monitoring (e.g. I found a booth […]

Digital watch
By Will Harrison: Wednesday 16th March, 2016

Wearables beyond the watch

The wrist has won! Or so it would seem in the development of wearable technology. Even Google Glass didn’t managed to change that, and recent trends have shown device sensors moving towards the wrist, with alternative sensing technology and clever algorithm development enabling this. Both technology limitations and market trends have contributed to this convergence […]

By Ruth Thomson: Wednesday 27th January, 2016

Changes at CES and the world of connected product development

Earlier this month saw the doors of CES open for yet another year.  It was my 8th year at the show (Gezzz I am getting old!),  and it was bigger and louder than ever. It has been fascinating being part of this monstrosity of an event and being part of how it has morphed and […]

By Sajith Wimalaratne: Tuesday 19th January, 2016

CES 2016: Smart, Connected and “Internet of Things”

Everything these days is prefixed with the word “smart”, “intelligent” or “connected”. This is an area where Cambridge Consultants have been working on understanding what it means to the good old consumer and the retailers . It is very clear that world is moving towards everything being connected from water bottles, weighing scales, alarm clocks, […]