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CES 2017: Smart homes, drones and fitness monitors

By Sajith Wimalaratne - Last updated: Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A few weeks ago, my colleagues and I were at CES 2017 and as always it gets bigger and better every year. Vegas really is something else!!! This year was doubly cool, because this is the first time we have exhibited with our new colleagues from Synapse, who of course brought along helping of West Coast cool. We had five really fantastic demos showing at the booth.

The main things that jumped out at me this year were the developments in smart homes, drones (gosh, they are everywhere), augmented reality headsets and fitness trackers. What was really interesting this year was that Pernod Ricard was showing off their first connected cocktail library. This was initially introduced back in 2014 as the Gutenberg project. This is a connected cocktail machine that basically teaches you how to make a perfect cocktail (step by step) with available liquids (from the Pernod Ricard portfolio of course). It uses clever algorithms to choose the right cocktail for you based on the liquor and ingredients you have to hand. It used to be that the only companies who exhibited at CES was technology owners and developers. However, it’s good to see that beverage companies are now attending and showing off their new technologies.

IMG_0175Another cool thing I saw was the development from 10-Vins. They have developed a dispensing unit (see photo) that delivers a glass wine with perfect aeration and perfect temperature for that particular wine. One of these units retail for about 1,000 Euros and they make the money from the consumable (as always with the case with these systems). Dispense is an area where we have done a lot of work in. For example, Vinfusion, a system that delivers a personalised wine and Hoppier for personalised beer.

We’ve already booked our booth space for 2018, so we will be back and hoping it will be even bigger and better. This year we were showing five different demos to showcase different products we’ve developed across different industry sectors.

  • Skintution, a technology platform that can enable a new generation of truly personalised care products.
  • Digital Services – the Future of Home Energy, one of Cambridge Consultants’ eco-friendly smart home project, for Energy System Catapult in the UK to see how to reduce energy wastage and therefore cost to consumers.
  • Connected stadium for San Francisco 49ers to improve the fan experience at their state of the art stadium, Levis.
  • Steam Power, the work we are doing with Valve Software.



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