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By Sajith Wimalaratne: Monday 11th September, 2017

Millennials: shaping the food and beverage industry

Millennials, or Generation Y, hold a huge buying power in today’s economy and are expected to spend billions upon billions before the end of this year alone (2017). It’s really important for brands that are trying to reach millennials to understand our (yes, I’m a millennial too) influences and purchasing habits. According to Forbes: Over […]

By Antonno Versteeg: Thursday 31st March, 2016

Bridging the gap between insight and design

Imagine this… It’s Friday night and after a long week of work you are eating out at a restaurant. The waiter comes to your table and asks what you would like to have. You describe the dish you want. Showing great empathy and attention, the waiter writes this down and asks for some more details […]