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celli app
By Rosie Wells: Friday 15th September, 2017

It’s a fine line between a gimmick and a useful connected service

There is nothing better than finishing a long day at work and heading to a bar for a nice big glass of wine. The problem is choosing the bar, choosing where to sit and then figuring out what type of drink you actually want to have. Trying something different and having a new experience is […]

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By Rob Marchington: Thursday 14th September, 2017

IoT: Internet on Tap

As Edd covered in his blog post , the internet of things (IoT) is a growing trend across the entirety of the consumer industry, and is certainly making great headway in the beverage sector, as I’ve seen so far here at Drinktec this week. The key for any IoT system is to continue to provide value […]

Thinking outside the box
By Edd Brunner: Friday 1st September, 2017

Will there be an IoT revolution in the food and beverage industry?

I recently had an article published on talking about IoT in the food and beverage industry. In that I suggested that we are not quite yet at the point that the value of the functionality that can be achieved by this enabler (or at least the functionality that has been thought of) is more […]

Fresh Thinking for the FMCG Sector
By Amy King: Thursday 7th July, 2016

IoT and FMCG – it’s not just about the Pork Pies

In June, delegates from the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry and some very excited CC’ers ventured to Melton Mowbray (the rural capital of the Pork Pie) to enjoy a two day workshop centred on the Internet of Things (IoT). The workshop focused on examining the role that the IoT will play in creating opportunities […]

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By Andrew Lintott: Friday 29th January, 2016

Beer, Skynet, and the Internet of Things

The overwhelming response I get when talking to people about the Internet of Things is confusion: “What is it about? I heard you can turn on the upstairs lights from your smartphone… why would a rational person want to do such a thing?” Hey look – I can contact my washing machine from my sofa […]

By Sajith Wimalaratne: Tuesday 29th September, 2015

Internet of Things for the Food & Beverage Industry

Last week I was at the Canadean, Innovations in Non-Alcoholic Beverages in London. While most of the discussion was on the products themselves I was quite surprised that there was not more discussion about process. I gave a talk on my take on “what does IoT mean for the food & beverage industry”, and judging […]