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Wine, beer and data – How smart is your dispensing system?

By Sajith Wimalaratne - Last updated: Monday, November 14, 2016

My colleagues and I were at the BrauBeviale 2016 in Nuremburg last week. We have been serving personalised wines through our Vinfusion technology and demonstrating our reverse cyclone system to produce emulsions at the point of dispense.

BrauBeviale is one of the biggest exhibitions for the whole process chain of beverage production, from ingredients to technologies, and logistics to marketing. There were around 35,000 people attending this year from different types of beverage companies from all sizes. There are over thousand exhibitors in eight different halls showing off their latest technologies in this field.

One thing that caught my eye was the Celli’s Intelli Connected Solution, which is a connected font that collects data and provides information to breweries and pub owners. This could include the volume of beer, temperature and even energy consumption. Another technology I saw was a Skyflo Spouts, which pours the perfect amount of spirit into the glass and wirelessly transmit data in real time. The spouts can operate hundreds of feet from the master unit.

Intelligent fontsThese products provide new levels of data reporting which is a useful step on the way to delivering true data analytics, by that I mean clever algorithms converting raw data to actionable information. Reporting how much product is being served and at what temperature is just information, but knowing how much product is being served and automatically reordering when running low is making the data useful. If a connected system knows that there is a local event or a football match on a particular week then orders additional product would be quite valuable.

Data analytics is an area that we regularly work with clients in a wide range of industries to extract actionable information from data.  For example we’ve used large datasets available from the London underground to analyse and visualise what the traffics flows are like and interact with them by closing stations to run ‘what if’ scenarios. Now imagine being able to visualise real-time consumption across an entire chain of bars and spot trends as they are happening.

Returning to our Vinfusion demonstration, you can image how much valuable data can be captured, processed and turned into actionable information when hundreds or thousands of people are given the opportunity to blend their own wine. The system could tell you exactly what they like, rather than what you think they like.


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