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I gave a talk at the Agri-Tech East pollinator on Robo-Cropping last Tuesday (see slides below), and there were some really interesting contrasts at the conference. Before we went, one of my colleagues, Niall said “You’ll like this conference, they’ll be talking about using lasers to kill weeds”. I was definitely looking forward to it! One […]

Consumer Products Blog

Think of a situation where you want to ‘see more’ than your eyes can reveal; to spot the early signs of mildew or aphid damage in crops, or to discover the health and condition of your skin. The human eye has three types of colour receptors, cones, centred roughly around 430, 540 and 570 nm […]

Medical Technology Blog

The digital drug delivery ecosystem is set to continue expanding beyond fitness apps and connected drug delivery devices. Wearable technology for the monitoring of digital biomarkers will play a key role in this expansion and will set the direction for the future of digital health. Wearables can complement established treatment options and provide data and […]

Wireless And Digital Services Blog

I recently discovered Omada Health, a fascinating Silicon Valley start-up that’s applying connected digital services to healthcare delivery. Omada is focused on those suffering from chronic diseases that affect tens of millions in the US alone, such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. The essence of the service is that subscribers sign up for “high-touch […]