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Corporate Blog

After landing my dream engineering job at Cambridge Consultants, a few months later another amazing career opportunity presented itself – relocation to Boston, MA. I have been an electronic engineer for over 12 years having started my career all bright eyed, with Boeing Defence Australia, where I fondly recall doing my first System Engineering course. [...]

Consumer Products Blog

My latest visit to Japan has coincided with the Speciality Coffee Association of Japan show. This is similar in size, content and feeling as Caffe Culture back in London, although there are certain differences. Similarities included the presence of the big names in the appliance world, including those that make grinders, espresso machines, fully automatic [...]

Medical Technology Blog

I am looking forward to meeting with friends and colleagues old and new at the forthcoming PDA Universe of Prefilled Syringes Conference being held in Huntington Beach, CA on October 6th and 7th. This is the leading event for injectable drug delivery and is a fantastic opportunity to get the latest updates on new drug [...]

Wireless Product Developments Blog

Huawei’s recent acquisition of Cambridge start-up Neul, for a reported $25M, is a key milestone in the evolution of networks to deliver the Internet of Things moving from niche solutions, into the mainstream. There have historically been two different camps in the IoT world, those who claim that a cellular network can meet all the [...]