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Corporate Blog

Recently, I went to the west coast of the US – always an inspiring place to be if you’re into technology. The second half of my trip was the final meeting on our voting machine project with IDEO and LA County – more on that here – but the first half was to visit our […]

Consumer Products Blog

The Personal Care sector (including cosmetics, fragrance, skin care, hair care, grooming etc.) is seeing a significant surge in the use of technology such as making salon style devices available in the home, using diagnostic technologies in retail environments to help consumers identify the right products for them, and embracing the IOT to bring brand […]

Medical Technology Blog

The objects in our lives are changing, fast. They are getting smarter and our relationship with them has shifted. Last night I asked my phone – just by speaking to it – to set an alarm, which still amazes me. With new technological advancements like this, society is on the cusp of vast change. All […]

Wireless And Digital Services Blog

You used to know where you were with products. They were objects, things, stuff; often electronic devices driven by software. In the language of The Economist, “something you could drop on your foot”. In the last few years, those of us working in product development and technology creation have been driving a much more fluid […]