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Photograph: J Mai/ESA As I write this blog, Rosetta’s Philae probe is sitting on the surface of the Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. The operations team can’t quite tell what orientation it is in and the anchoring system didn’t work as hoped, but this is a huge…HUGE day for celebrating engineering. Hearing the scientific leads on the Rosetta [...]

Consumer Products Blog

Beer is an exciting drink right now – and not just in a much needed refreshment after a hard day’s work kind of way!  The sector has seen a lot of change in the last couple of years, be that with the difficult time some pubs are having, the success of others, and the rise [...]

Medical Technology Blog

Scientific research has a crucial role to play in the fight against many of the major challenges facing the world. From combating disease or avoiding catastrophic climate change to finding ways to feed an ever-expanding global population, new technologies are our best hope for finding practical solutions to apparently insurmountable problems. But too many promising [...]

Wireless Product Developments Blog

Jawbone Drop. Could this innovative App developed by Jawbone be the beginning of a new trend? The App connects twitter with your RDIO and Spotify Premium account to enable a clever way for people to create a virtual juke box, allowing people to contribute to a playlist, solving nicely the Bluetooth party mode challenges of [...]