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Corporate Blog

I’ve often been struck by how over-engineered industrial robot arms are. They are large, heavy machines which work to a remarkable precision and speed, and have an innate grace in their trajectories. This grace however, comes at a great financial cost. This is largely to do with the way in which the precision is achieved […]

Consumer Products Blog

While traveling a couple of months back I had the frightening and life-altering experience pleasure of staying in a hotel equipped with heated/self-cleaning toilet seats.  The self-cleaning feature automatically (on some predetermined schedule evidently meant to frighten those attempting to sleep) deployed from the rear of the seat a telescoping wand reminiscent of an alien […]

Medical Technology Blog

In this series of blogs about systems engineering we have so far covered four key elements. 1) Understanding and analysis of project requirements, 2) Functional analysis, and system architecture definition  3) Design generation and detail design and 4) System integration and interface management. In this blog, I will share some thoughts about the process of validating and verifying that […]

Wireless And Digital Services Blog

In today’s competitive wireless research space, the ability to quickly prototype ideas on hardware using real signals is more important than ever. This week we’re excited to speak at a one-day event, hosted by National Instruments and held here in Cambridge, UK, entitled ‘Rapid Prototyping the Next Generation of Wireless Systems’. Delegates will hear from […]