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Corporate Blog

What do drug delivery technologies, Charles Darwin and modern day agriculture have in common? At first glance you can probably make a case for the latter two having a connection, after all, the variants of wheat, soy and maize that feed the mouths of billions daily are the result of clever breeding programs to accelerate […]

Consumer Products Blog

I moved across the pond to Boston last May….(wow have I already been here 9 months!?!?) to commercially lead our IDEC (Industrial Defense Energy Consumer) division in North America alongside my colleague Matthew Hill who takes the operational reins. Cambridge Consultants has had a presence in Boston for over 10 years with our medical technologies division and me […]

Medical Technology Blog

The complexity of Point of Care and Diagnostics Development Diagnostics and Point of Care (PoC) devices are becoming increasingly complex to develop. These instruments are progressively relying on specialist processes that need tight environmental controls, dispensing of precise amounts of sample and reagents, complex liquid handling operations, detection of small scale biological or chemical phenomena, […]

Wireless Product Developments Blog

With the recent “rise of UX”, I’ve observed a lot of confusion from people in the field, and even more so from people who aren’t. Confusion about acronyms (UX, CX, SX, IxD), Job titles (UX designers/Graphic designers/Visual designers/Interaction designer/Product designers/Service designers etc.) and confusion about the methods and tools (User Centered Design, Design Thinking, Agile […]