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Corporate Blog

There’s a general sense these days that software is difficult. We’ve seen some large open source projects hit the headlines recently, with critical bugs given press-friendly names like Heartbleed and Shellshock. I believe a rigorous approach to the discipline of software engineering is key to both avoiding these sorts of issues in the first place […]

Consumer Products Blog

Rightly you are wondering what this is about… Well, it was just for attracting your attention and borrowed some wording from Milan Kundera and Mother Natures’ wonders and it looks as if it is working… Now I have to work harder to keeps your curiosity to the end of my story about my very first […]

Medical Technology Blog

It is no secret that the world’s population is aging. Many articles and presentations on the subject urge us to invent something for the older population and rattle off similar statistics such as by 2050, the population of 65 and older will increase by 150% compared to roughly 0% for the under 20 population and […]

Wireless And Digital Services Blog

Dgital Services are disrupting markets across the globe. No industry appears safe from the challenge posed by new services built on the easy flow of data from the ubiquitous low cost sensors that are the heart of IoT. New entrants are moving quickly to re-order the way that industries work; inserting themselves to become the […]