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This was a question I posed when I hosted a round table discussion at a recent event, with industries ranging from FMCG, agritech, pharma, industrial and oil & gas all represented around the table. The innovation leaders participating in the discussion had described quite different approaches and experiences to breakthrough innovation. Some follow the example […]

Consumer Products Blog

When you are in a conversation, you are naturally discerning a wealth of information about the other person – information about their mood, age, gender, accent – this provides you with additional insight into their meaning beyond the actual words spoken. Artificial Intelligence approaches can be used to give a similar level of insight into […]

Medical Technology Blog

The prevalence of chronic diseases within the world has risen significantly over the last 50 years, primarily due lifestyle factors, and present significant social and economic burdens. Clinical studies have shown that regular contact between physicians and patients can benefit disease maintenance, but unsurprisingly healthcare systems lack the resource to provide such a standard of […]

Wireless And Digital Services Blog

The IoT is big and real. Countless people are looking into developing all kinds of products that have wireless capabilities and which integrate sensors of some kind. The IoT spans many markets, including industrial and consumer: there are hundreds of apps locating us, making us fitter or providing more comfortable and intelligent homes. With the […]