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Corporate Blog

Machine maintenance may sound like a dull subject but getting it right could propel maintenance strategies straight into the heart of state of the art technologies. I’m talking about predictive maintenance. If you consider that a single unplanned shutdown in the semiconductor industry can cost as much as $3 million, you can see how getting […]

Consumer Products Blog

This is dream come true for me. I have been thinking of the day where I can just walk into a supermarket, pickup my shopping and just walk out without queuing at the checkouts (but not in a shoplifting way obviously). Finally, Amazon has revealed plans for Amazon Go. Amazon Go is a Just Walk […]

Medical Technology Blog

As human factors engineers (HFEs), an important aspect of our job is being the voice of the user. For those who are HFEs or for anyone who may have worked with us before, what I am about to say next may seem odd and maybe even a little rash — I don’t think we are […]

Wireless And Digital Services Blog

It’s a little over a year since we announced that the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) had appointed us to lead a £4.9 million home energy management system (HEMS) project. Since then we’ve been working hard, in partnership with ESC (Energy Systems Catapult) and we look forward to sharing details of what has been achieved. This […]