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Corporate Blog

Monitoring temperature-sensitive items is not new. We rarely see it being done, however, as by the time we tuck into our fresh bananas, or receive the latest vaccine, any evidence of temperature and condition monitoring technology has long gone. And therein lies the problem. Tracking how food and pharmaceutical products have been treated is possible, [...]

Consumer Products Blog

Last week was the Wearable Tech Expo show at the Excel in London. It was a fun show to be part of with people from all different industries coming to learn and engage on this ever increasingly popular topic. For most of the 2nd day I was at our booth fetchingly kitted out in a [...]

Medical Technology Blog

The ‘observer effect’ describes how the observation of an event can affect its outcome. If Arjen Robben is not being watched, will he dive? In biological sciences, many experiments rely on the indirect observation of molecules. Fluorescent molecules are often used to ‘label’ proteins and nucleic acids – so that their presence in a sample [...]

Wireless Product Developments Blog

Looking back at the history of mobile communications it looks like it takes 2 generations for the industry to get it right.  From the start, whilst 1G ushered in the mobile era and enabled untethered phone calls, the plethora of standards meant that mobility was limited typically to a single country.  The success of this [...]