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Corporate Blog

Chris wrote earlier this year  that we’ve been experimenting with DCNNs (deep convolutional neural networks)  for machine vision, using our fruit-picking robot as a toy application. It’s time for an update. To start with, some explanation. Machine image recognition is based on ‘features’. A feature is any measurable property of an image, for example the […]

Consumer Products Blog

Fragrances are perhaps the most de-personalised personal care item known to mankind. Why? Well – think about it: For the last 20 years almost half of the turnover of many fragrance houses has been generated during pre-season December time. Now let’s be frank, we all get these special promotions or bizarre smelling after-shaves that end […]

Medical Technology Blog

Advances in neuroscience have changed the way social and behavioral sciences are being studied. Considering the brain is the root of all behavior and decision making, it is only logical that fields focusing on human behavior, in one form or another, study the brain. The explosion of research conducted in harmony with neuroscience can be seen […]

Wireless And Digital Services Blog

In the mid-90s, those interested in wireless sensor networks began talking about ‘Smart Dust’. They envisaged that it would soon be possible to create incredibly small, wirelessly connected sensing nodes. Not unreasonably, they expected that these tiny sensors would have a myriad of life changing applications. Smart Dust would be so small and so cheap […]