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Corporate Blog

The demand for world-class innovative product development is growing all the time. Each year sees us helping more and more clients turn brilliant ideas into commercial products. And that in turn means more opportunities for top-flight people to come and join us – and really make a difference every day. That’s why we’ve just launched [...]

Consumer Products Blog

The blink of an eye, a flash of lightning, the bursting of a balloon – all too fast for human eyes and brains to perceive and analyse. That’s why scientists and engineers often resort to high-speed photography and video to visualise fast-moving phenomena. As early as 1878, cameras were used to determine whether all four [...]

Medical Technology Blog

The ‘observer effect’ describes how the observation of an event can affect its outcome. If Arjen Robben is not being watched, will he dive? In biological sciences, many experiments rely on the indirect observation of molecules. Fluorescent molecules are often used to ‘label’ proteins and nucleic acids – so that their presence in a sample [...]

Wireless Product Developments Blog

That’s great! In today’s market and technology environment, it is a challenge to make it happen, even for mature and successful companies with scale. Why is that? Connectivity is becoming a requirement for products and systems which have never previously needed it – everything is becoming connected just like everything has become electrified. There is [...]