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Corporate Blog

With the invention of the internet, everyone has everything they could ever possibly want to know at their fingertips. This is clearly beneficial, as people have a lower barrier to entry to education and utilising this benefit has become second nature. However, the drawback of open information access is increasingly giving way to what some […]

Consumer Products Blog

Rightly you are wondering what this is about… Well, it was just for attracting your attention and borrowed some wording from Milan Kundera and Mother Natures’ wonders and it looks as if it is working… Now I have to work harder to keeps your curiosity to the end of my story about my very first […]

Medical Technology Blog

In past blogs, we have explored the principles of Systems Engineering and the importance of proper identification and definition of Project Requirements for successful diagnostics device development for Point of Care testing and design of Life Sciences instrumentation. But what happens once you have your list of requirements? Do you start developing a solution? No just […]

Wireless and Digital Services Blog

The rapid growth in “Internet of Things” (IoT) has attracted the attention of the cellular ecosystem. Cellular systems were developed to support voice and data in mobile handsets, which have very different requirements to IoT. In order to adapt to support IoT, the cellular standards body, 3GPP, launched a number of LTE study items. These […]