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Corporate Blog

There really is nowhere left to hide. “Instant Wild”, the digital service we built with the London Zoological Society to take photos of activities in remote areas of Kenya, continues to capture the imagination. This time in a piece on the internet of things (IoT) for Oracle’s profit magazine. As an example of where the [...]

Consumer Products Blog

If at first you don’t succeed… it could cost you a lot of money. Once a design is ‘complete’, throwing it over the fence to production and just expecting everything to run smoothly is rather optimistic. Building the design for manufacturing (DFM) element into a project is not a straightforward task, as every product or [...]

Medical Technology Blog

Companion diagnostics involves analysing how genetic make-up affects an individual’s response to drugs. Today, that means a doctor gives a patient a particular drug only if they carry a specific gene mutation or over-produce a certain protein. For example, if a breast cancer patient has excessive HER2 protein in a tumour, they can be treated [...]

Wireless Product Developments Blog

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – and it’s not surprising that, when something is done well, others decide there is no point starting from scratch. It’s what seems to be happening in the world of consumer electronics and connectivity. The amazing advances in connectivity driven by the uptake of smartphones and [...]