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Corporate Blog

Two very newsworthy events in the design world happened this week – It was announced Marc Newson has joined the Apple design team, and the Apple Watch has finally been unveiled, with what looks to be obvious input from the Australian Industrial Designer and his unique style. Marc Newson is one of the world’s most [...]

Consumer Products Blog

If at first you don’t succeed… it could cost you a lot of money. Once a design is ‘complete’, throwing it over the fence to production and just expecting everything to run smoothly is rather optimistic. Building the design for manufacturing (DFM) element into a project is not a straightforward task, as every product or [...]

Medical Technology Blog

Today’s sleek and powerful smartphones have radically changed our personal behaviour by transforming the way we communicate with the world around us. Who could have envisioned 10 years ago that you could have, in the palm of your hand, more technology than a well-equipped office of that era? These state-of-the-art devices are the direct result [...]

Wireless Product Developments Blog

The original idea of ‘white space’ was to create a new way of accessing under-used UHF spectrum for new services. Over the previous 15 years, Wi-Fi had led to many new ideas and opportunities – and white space was expected to follow in its footsteps. The relentless growth of mobile connectivity has put pressure on [...]