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One of the problems in working with robotics and machine vision, is that it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish the easy problems from the hard ones. Randall Monroe said it better than I can here. We ran into this problem with our robot fruit-picker – sometimes people just didn’t get how difficult it is for a vision algorithm […]

Consumer Products Blog

Last week saw the first Elite Sports Conference take place at the Excel Centre in London. It was full of companies related to elite sport including physiotherapy and rehabilitation companies, gym equipment manufacturers, analysts of live sport broadcasting, and there were several innovative sports related sensors on show. Two themes in particular were fairly widespread. […]

Medical Technology Blog

After recently watching Dan Ariely’s documentary, (Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies, a film about humans tendency to lie, I was drawn to how some of the research he presents could be used to further the field of human factors (HF). As any HF practitioner will tell you, we work in a multidisciplinary field involving engineering, psychology, design, and ergonomics, to […]

Wireless And Digital Services Blog

If you are a significant user of radio microphones and personal monitors (‘in-ears’ or IEMs) in the USA today, you are probably worrying about the possible disappearance of another big piece of the UHF television spectrum. The program making and special events (PMSE) community makes use of UHF TV white space: the spare TV channels […]