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Corporate Blog

Throughout the history of mankind we have had to evolve the way we feed ourselves, from hunter-gatherers, through subsistence farming through to the industrial scale farming of today. If we are to survive the next 50 years the next evolution will have to be another “green revolution”. To put the growth into perspective: if the […]

Consumer Products Blog

I discovered a new circle of hell recently. I bought a new pair of scissors for my kitchen online and they arrived in a hermetically heat-sealed plastic clamshell. I was standing there peering through the clear plastic at the very tool I needed to open it. It took several well-chosen curses and not an inconsiderable [...]

Medical Technology Blog

In the quest of making cancer diagnosis and its management more accessible a number of technologies have emerged to compete against traditional biopsies. These fall under the general category of liquid biopsies. The paper by Garcia-Mutillas et al in Science Translational Medicine, published this week, is a representative example of where cancer diagnostics is heading [...]

Wireless Product Developments Blog

Infrastructure-light, high-resolution, low-cost indoor tracking has taken a step closer to reality with the availability of Google’s Project Tango hardware to developers. This is because it helps address one of the hurdles to systems that use cheap wireless and inertial sensor chips to track – namely that knowing the layout of the building can significantly [...]