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Corporate Blog

What do Heathrow, HS2 and robots have in common? The answer is contribution to one of the UK’s enduring economic issues; productivity, or rather a lack of it. Why? The announcement yesterday that Heathrow is the favoured site for the first new, full length runway for the South East of England since the 1940’s, should, [...]

Consumer Products Blog

Anyone in a problem-solving discipline knows it’s sometimes hard to understand the real source of a problem. A friend comes to you with a question: say, “How can I fix a broken heating element?” It takes a lot of effort and questioning to find that the broken heating element is in a kettle, and your [...]

Medical Technology Blog

I have just returned from the International Neuromodulation Society’s World Congress in Montreal which was buzzing given the F1 race was in town at the same time. Getting a dinner reservation was not easy despite the plethora of fabulous eateries. Regardless, the pre-conference “Innovation Day” at INS was very well attended. I had the opportunity [...]

Wireless Product Developments Blog

The design challenges for radio microphones increase all the time as pressure on spectrum in the UHF and 1-2GHz bands increases all the time: examples include the loss to users of whitespace spectrum of the 700MHz (698-806MHz) TV band in the USA, as well as a up-coming auction of (some or all of) the 614-698MHz [...]