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Corporate Blog

Over the past few months I’ve seen an interesting trend of hobbyists having a go at “hacking” Internet Of Things (IoT) devices. The list of devices that have been hacked is pretty long already – Thermostats, TVs, Printers, Light Bulbs, Webcams – and the technology is still in its infancy. It strikes me it is [...]

Consumer Products Blog

Beer is an exciting drink right now – and not just in a much needed refreshment after a hard day’s work kind of way!  The sector has seen a lot of change in the last couple of years, be that with the difficult time some pubs are having, the success of others, and the rise [...]

Medical Technology Blog

Today’s therapies are often far from ideal – particularly when it comes to ‘malfunctions’ in the nervous system and the organs it controls. This set of conditions is particularly challenging to treat, yet its effect on patient quality of life can be immense. Anatomically these disorders are complex, often involving the mysteries of the brain [...]

Wireless Product Developments Blog

We have built a working radio transmitter with only digital parts, code-named Pizzicato. No analogue filters and mixers. No exotic Gallium Arsenide chips. Just good old regular digital logic. This is a big deal, and no one has done it before. Despite the buzz around an increasingly digital world, so called ‘Software Defined Radios‘ today [...]