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European Utility Week is the largest gathering of energy companies and suppliers in Europe. In this video report James Westley looks at how the variability in the supply of renewable energy from solar and wind is driving innovation in energy storage technologies. Conventional batteries may be your first thought, but they are by no means […]

Consumer Products Blog

In my previous blog post on design for disassembly (DfD), I discussed how recycling rates can be increased by designing consumable products from the ground up with DfD principles: Reducing the number of different materials Enabling an efficient disassembly process Making disassembly an intuitive and compelling process In the first blog of three I focussed […]

Medical Technology Blog

Most of us have been in a meeting that has not gone as planned. Topics came up that weren’t on the agenda, the meeting was hijacked by a strong personality, or a variety of other unexpected situations may happen. After a recent experience in a meeting that did not go according to plan, I got […]

Wireless And Digital Services Blog

“Money in low power wide area networks won’t come from connectivity” Mohamad Nasser, general manager of Sprint’s IoT business unit reported to Mobile World Live this week. LPWA (low power wide area) networks such as LTE-M, NB-IoT and LoRa are designed to move small amounts of data from billions of things as efficiently as possible. […]