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Corporate Blog

Waste is an inevitable part of the industrialised world in which we live – but the current scale of waste production should not be such a foregone conclusion. A case in point is the production of food waste, both nationally and globally. Last year in the UK, leading supermarket chain Tesco publicly reported disposing of [...]

Consumer Products Blog

 The Design Museum in London is currently hosting an exhibition of designs nominated for the award of Design of the Year 2014. The range covers everything from architecture, graphics, and communication to product design, illustrating how the creativity of designers affects everything we experience. The organisers have also included an exhibit “In The Making” where [...]

Medical Technology Blog

Companion diagnostics involves analysing how genetic make-up affects an individual’s response to drugs. Today, that means a doctor gives a patient a particular drug only if they carry a specific gene mutation or over-produce a certain protein. For example, if a breast cancer patient has excessive HER2 protein in a tumour, they can be treated [...]

Wireless Product Developments Blog

For the retail industry, technology innovation is now all but essential for success.  However, it’s not been the focus for organisations in retail for most of their history. Resources are typically spent on traditional activities such as pricing strategies and, more recently, how to engender loyalty. Surprising then what’s been the main discussion point at [...]