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As I sit in traffic this morning on my daily commute to work the radio tells me that the UK is facing legal action from the European Commission due to unacceptably high levels of air pollution around the country. Several causes are identified, but the one singled out for specific criticism is the diesel engine. […]

Consumer Products Blog

I went to my local hairdresser lately – out of necessity; I rarely go out of my own ‘free will’. I generally do not find it relaxing having to sit in a chair for 30-45 min with someone very close that I’m sort of expected to have small talk with. When I was sitting down […]

Medical Technology Blog

Is it possible to make something too easy? Is there a point where the easier something is to do, the fewer people do it correctly? For many of us, this seems counterintuitive. For those of us working in product development, whose job it is to create simple and intuitive products, it seems even crazier. However […]

Wireless And Digital Services Blog

Since the 1970’s C (and later its derivatives like C++) have become the main programming languages used in systems and platform programming, but is that about to change? C/C++ came to dominate over other languages because it exceeds the 80/20 rule; with well written C/C++ you can get well over 80% of the efficiency of […]