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Corporate Blog

Some say radar hasn’t fundamentally changed in over 70 years, but it has! Current radar was a key strategic, innovative technology which emerged during the second world war because of the need to protect ourselves against an advanced, organised regime that threatened our way of life. Radar has remained a valued technology in our lives [...]

Consumer Products Blog

Last week I was at the Canadean International Beer Strategies Conference in Amsterdam. It was good to see a good mixture of large brewing giants and small craft beer producers rubbing shoulders and sharing their knowledge. Whether they were large multinational brewers or small craft brewers, it was amazing to see the passion they have [...]

Medical Technology Blog

It’s a hard life being a Drug Delivery Device Developer. Four days on the Cote D’Azur with the world’s leading Inhaler experts at the Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) Conference has just come to an end. It was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends as well as introduce Cambridge Consultants to new delegates [...]

Wireless Product Developments Blog

At the ETSI/EBU Wireless Media Distribution workshop last week the main conclusion was that there was a need (and some desire) to create a converged standard for media distribution that would combine the best of broadcast networks with the best of fixed- and mobile-networks.  To understand why this may be the case it is worth [...]