Medical Technology

By Ben Zwillinger: Monday 19th December, 2016

The Case For Quantifying The User Experience

As human factors engineers (HFEs), an important aspect of our job is being the voice of the user. For those who are HFEs or for anyone who may have worked with us before, what I am about to say next may seem odd and maybe even a little rash — I don’t think we are […]

Small Molecules
By Guest Author: Fabio Digiacomo: Monday 28th November, 2016

Indentification of small molecule drugs that could benefit from a synbio-based manufacturing process

Synthetic biology has been recognized as one of the most promising technologies that may impact our future and I, for one, believe that its potential applications are remarkable and incredibly diverse. In this series of articles I report the results of the work that I carried out as part of my internship at Cambridge Consultants.  […]

surgical operation
By Simon Karger: Thursday 24th November, 2016

Unblocking the bottleneck of overstretched cancer testing services

I don’t think many of us were shocked to hear the news that the NHS cancer testing service is under enormous strain. According to a report by Cancer Research UK: Demand for cancer pathology services has been increasing year on year Staffing levels are not increasing fast enough to keep up Interestingly, the Department of […]

Systems Engineering
By Dr Rodrigo Zapiain: Wednesday 16th November, 2016

Developing Diagnostics and Point Of Care Equipment – Project Management and Systems Engineering: Two sides of the same coin

In this series of blogs about systems engineering we have  covered five key elements so far. 1) Understanding and analysis of project requirements, 2) Functional analysis, and system architecture definition  3) Design generation and detail design , 4) System integration and interface management and 5) System Verification and Validation.  In this blog, I will cover the special influence the Systems Engineering approach has […]

By Guest author: Ciara McCarthy: Wednesday 16th November, 2016

The story behind the gold medal winning project

Whilst the majority of students had long since escaped the labs and libraries of Cambridge for the summer, 10 intrepid students remained in the Plant Sciences department. We were a mixture of engineers and natural scientists taking part in iGEM – an international synthetic biology competition. Teams from universities across the world participate, building genetically […]

Digital Biomarkers can unlock the barriers for better disease management
By Vangelis Papagrigoriou: Tuesday 8th November, 2016

Wearable sensors and the ecological validity barrier

Wearable sensors for the monitoring of digital biomarkers are one of the most exciting trends for the future of healthcare. Most of this excitement stems from the fact that clinical assessments of motor (primarily) and non-motor (to a lesser extent) functions are recorded using qualitative means and scales during clinical assessments. As a result, assessments can […]

Small Molecules
By Guest Author: Fabio Digiacomo: Thursday 27th October, 2016

How to identify opportunity areas for synthetic biology in drug manufacture: a rational approach

In my previous article on synthetic biology, I briefly touched upon the general findings on the application of synthetic biology to small molecule drug manufacturing, obtained from my Cambridge University Master’s industrial placement project at Cambridge Consultants. In my research, one of the goals was to rationally identify opportunity areas for SynBio in drug manufacturing, […]

Digital Biomarkers can unlock the barriers for better disease management
By Vangelis Papagrigoriou: Tuesday 18th October, 2016

Wearables and digital biomarkers – the future is not here yet

The digital drug delivery ecosystem is set to continue expanding beyond fitness apps and connected drug delivery devices. Wearable technology for the monitoring of digital biomarkers will play a key role in this expansion and will set the direction for the future of digital health. Wearables can complement established treatment options and provide data and […]

DNA strand
By Dr Sara Dodd: Wednesday 12th October, 2016

Top 10 things we learned at SynBioBeta SF 2016

Synthetic biology is a rapidly growing field and nowhere more so than in the San Francisco area. It is therefore not surprising that this is the arena for the main annual event in synthetic biology: SynBioBeta SF. This year the event attracted a record number of participants and exhibitors. James Hallinan and I packed our […]

Small Molecules
By Guest Author: Fabio Digiacomo: Wednesday 12th October, 2016

Synthetic Biology: innovative tool for an improved manufacture of small molecule drugs?

In the last few years, the life science sector has been taken by storm by what I like to call the “synthetic biology revolution”. Some believe synthetic biology is just a cooler and catchier way of referring to molecular biology/genetic engineering, others support the idea of it being a new and exciting discipline with a […]


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