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Businessman turning his back to camera against green dna helix graphic
By James Hallinan: Tuesday 18th July, 2017

Synthetic biology start-ups in the UK – going from strength to strength

The launch later this week of SynbiCITE’s UK Synbio Start-up Survey 2017 is a timely opportunity to recap on some of the most exciting developments in British Synthetic Biology.  The UK has a fantastic record in Synbio, second only the USA in terms of the number of startups and magnitude of investment that they have raised.  […]

NeedleBlood 200sq
By Juan F Roman: Tuesday 18th July, 2017

Liquid biopsy shows great promise for cancer diagnostics

The recent results from tests run at the Francis Crick Institute in London, after a trial funded by Cancer Research UK , present further evidence of the ability of liquid biopsy to detect the presence of minute samples of circulating tumour DNA. The advantage of liquid biopsy for patients and healthcare providers is that it […]

Jaquie Finn
By Jaquie Finn: Wednesday 5th July, 2017

Vlog: episodic or continuous healthcare – which is sustainable?

Healthcare is changing. We – as consumers, rather than patients – need to manage health throughout our lives, rather than simply being treated at the point of illness. Following Prof Dame Sally Davies’s call for a gene testing revolution, Jaquie Finn discusses how digital health technology is shaping the future of healthcare.

Model of a Tumor-Suppressing Protein Binding to DNA
By Toni Fleming: Wednesday 17th May, 2017

Reflections on cell-free synthetic biology

Cell-free synthetic biology is a young but burgeoning sub-field of synthetic biology and has seen rapid and exciting progress in recent years. As the name implies, cell-free synthetic biology involves the implementation and characterization of biological systems in a cell-free environment and thus builds on advances in synthetic biology and classical biochemistry. The 1st European […]

By Pari Datta: Friday 28th April, 2017

The promise of improving outcomes for cancer patients through the liquid biopsy

This week’s publication in Nature  is another major step towards the promise of the liquid biopsy. The study shows that the residual DNA fragments from cancer cells which are found in a patient’s blood could really have a role in real-time monitoring of a patient’s cancer in the future. These fragments were used to track […]

Synthetic biology
By David Fang: Tuesday 25th April, 2017

The synthetic biology revolution

Just as the industrial revolutions of the previous centuries were enabled by novel technologies such as the spinning jenny, steam engine, and transistor, the tools and techniques for engineering biological machinery, known popularly as synthetic biology, may shepherd in the next great wave of innovations ranging from clean water and energy production to novel therapies […]

bogdan-dada-111692 (1)
By Ben Zwillinger: Friday 31st March, 2017

Unlocking the Value of an Expert Review

In this three-part series, I want to explore the expert review. The expert review is often looked down upon. However, it can be one of the most powerful tools in the human factor engineers (HFE) toolbox. Some companies use the expert review as a foundation for projects while other companies seem to rarely, if ever, utilize […]

Man looking at wall of notes and drawings
By Ben Zwillinger: Tuesday 28th February, 2017

The Number One Quality To Have as a Human Factors Engineer

In a departure from some of my more research based articles (read: long), I wanted to write about something a little more digestible. Human factors engineers (HFEs) often work in industries with highly complex and safety critical systems, most often aerospace, military, and medical. There are many attributes that are certainly helpful in this career, […]

By Ben Zwillinger: Wednesday 25th January, 2017

Are we making instructions too easy to read?

Is it possible to make something too easy? Is there a point where the easier something is to do, the fewer people do it correctly? For many of us, this seems counterintuitive. For those of us working in product development, whose job it is to create simple and intuitive products, it seems even crazier. However […]

By Ben Zwillinger: Monday 19th December, 2016

The Case For Quantifying The User Experience

As human factors engineers (HFEs), an important aspect of our job is being the voice of the user. For those who are HFEs or for anyone who may have worked with us before, what I am about to say next may seem odd and maybe even a little rash — I don’t think we are […]


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