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Diabetes Drug Delivery Devices
By Matthew Allen: Wednesday 16th July, 2014

Diabetes Drug Delivery Devices – the next chapter

As drug delivery device developers we are well used to injection pens. When they first appeared they changed the lives of diabetes patients creating a user friendly and discrete way to administer life saving insulin. We have seen innovation over the years but some recent device news may herald a new chapter for patients. Mannkinds […]

innovative inhaler for drug delivery
By Andrew Barrett: Friday 26th April, 2013

What’s driving the buoyancy in drug delivery device development?

The demand for Drug delivery device development for products such as auto-injectors and inhalers has, for several years, shown it to be a particularly buoyant market.  So despite a backdrop of depressed global economics, what’s driving this growth and which sectors is it coming from? Andrew Barrett, associate director in our global Medical Technology division […]

By Matthew Allen: Wednesday 20th March, 2013

Much to talk about Indian Drug Delivery and the future

Ranking among the top five globally by production volume, the Indian pharmaceutical market today accounts for over 10% of global drug production. It continues to be one of India’s biggest employers – with more than 340,000 Indian employees dedicated to an industry that is worth in excess of $22 billion. But senior delegates at the […]

PiOna drug delivery device
By Matthew Allen: Tuesday 13th November, 2012

Taking the pain out of drug delivery

Every so often, in the world of Drug Delivery Devices, we become aware of  a problem just begging for a solution. The injection of viscous fluids is an issue for many drug applications, the long injection times and large bore needles make the procedure uncomfortable and unpleasant. Couple this with self injection by an inexperienced […]

By KateFarmer: Monday 9th July, 2012

Getting to the point of drug delivery

We are all living longer than we are really designed to, due in part to us humans being very innovative creatures, who continue to design medical technologies and drugs that help us live longer, or at least more comfortably. Unfortunately this does not come cheap and many of these drugs require quite challenging routes for […]


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