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Jaquie Finn
By Jaquie Finn: Wednesday 5th July, 2017

Vlog: episodic or continuous healthcare – which is sustainable?

Healthcare is changing. We – as consumers, rather than patients – need to manage health throughout our lives, rather than simply being treated at the point of illness. Following Prof Dame Sally Davies’s call for a gene testing revolution, Jaquie Finn discusses how digital health technology is shaping the future of healthcare.

Thumb nail
By David Robinson: Thursday 18th August, 2016

ASSIS – A virtual assistant concept to help you take your medication

The objects in our lives are changing, fast. They are getting smarter and our relationship with them has shifted. Last night I asked my phone – just by speaking to it – to set an alarm, which still amazes me. With new technological advancements like this, society is on the cusp of vast change. All […]

Digital Biomarkers can unlock the barriers for better disease management
By Vangelis Papagrigoriou: Wednesday 11th May, 2016

Digital Biomarkers and the future of disease management

Digital technologies and associated services are slowly reshaping the way diseases are being treated and managed. In this ever-changing space, the concept of digital biomarkers has emerged. They are defined by Wang et al as “consumer-generated physiological and behavioural measures collected through connected digital tools that can be used to explain, influence and/or predict health-related […]

By Arun Venkatasubramanian: Thursday 3rd September, 2015

How to Engineer Connected Implants for Optimal Performance

Wireless technology adds a new dimension to medical implants, allowing for remote monitoring and treatment optimization. If you need any form of implant in the near future – whether it’s a pacemaker for your heart or a device to help with pain management – it’s increasingly likely that you’ll be playing host to a connected […]

Mobile Ecosystem
By Vaishali Kamat: Monday 17th August, 2015

Technology could save the NHS Billions!

The last decade has seen a staggering 60% increase in the incidence of Diabetes in the UK and the NHS is apparently picking up a £10Billion tab for Diabetes related costs each year.  And this is only going to increase unless some drastic measures are taken to prevent and manage the disease – and quickly. […]

By Vaishali Kamat: Friday 14th August, 2015

How disease monitoring and management is changing

Digital health is here to stay and transform the way diseases are monitored and managed. The latest example comes from Roche and its app (in trials currently) which measures Parkinson’s disease fluctuations. The app asks the patient go through several (six) activities including a volume test, a walking test, dexterity test, rest tremor test etc. […]

By Bo Petersson: Thursday 13th August, 2015

How technology can cut the cost of diabetes treatment

The recent report on Prescribing for Diabetes by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) underlines the strain under which diabetes treatment is putting NHS resources. In the report it is highlighted that the cost of drugs prescribed for the treatment of diabetes accounts for almost 10% of the total expenditure of all prescription […]


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