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Medical app example - iPhone display of BP using Bluetooth Smart
By admin: Friday 26th October, 2012

Medical devices and Bluetooth Smart

As our lives become ever more connected, medical devices look set to become the next category of products to take advantage of wireless communications. We see a number of technology triggers will unlock a wave of innovation in wireless medical device development. FDA approvals. Recent regulatory decisions from the FDA have given the go-ahead to […]

By Matthew Allen: Monday 15th October, 2012

Are you using that inhaler properly? I doubt it

Another reminder, this time from The London Evening Standard that up to 50% of inhaler users are not using their devices properly, and the healthcare professionals training them are apparently to blame. That doesn’t really come as a surprise. Through multiple human factors studies carried out with inhaler users we hear this all the time. In fact […]

By admin: Wednesday 22nd August, 2012

Making money from connected health

Introduction In this post I will look at how your business can make money from connected health and mHealth. Also, I’ll explain how we can help with wireless medical product design. Business Opportunity A major trend in healthcare provision is issues associated with a continually aging population: the healthcare industry is looking to mHealth for some of […]

By Vaishali Kamat: Wednesday 29th December, 2010

Remote Monitoring – how to make it work?

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is not a new concept but it has received plenty of (negative) attention lately following a cardiac patient study that revealed no benefits. Experts say the study was flawed in its data analysis and thus should not be used as evidence of remote monitoring failure.  It seems obvious that getting individuals […]

By Vaishali Kamat: Thursday 6th May, 2010

The Continua Health Alliance – where next?

Progress in telehealth and telemedicine has been limited by the lack of coordination and standardisation between device manufacturers.  To address this, in 2006 the Continua Health Alliance was formed with the aim of promoting an ecosystem of interoperable health devices. The Continua Health Alliance is a not for profit alliance of medical device manufacturers, technology […]

By Vaishali Kamat: Tuesday 27th April, 2010

Why are telehealth hubs so expensive?

How do you create a cost effective telehealth hub for the home? That is the question that I have tried to answer in my work with Cambridge Consultants. As a result we have developed telehealth hub solutions that minimise the hardware cost, and minimise complexity. As you may have seen from my previous blog posts on the […]


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