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Vial and syringe
By George Butcher: Thursday 24th August, 2017

4 reasons why rare paediatric disease drugs will benefit from drug delivery devices 

Rare diseases and orphan drugs have recently been in the spotlight as an area of growth and increasing investment from pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers. Inevitably, rare diseases have attracted interest for the development and use of drug delivery devices. A disease is classified as rare if it affects fewer than 254 000 Europeans or 200 […]

Digital Biomarkers can unlock the barriers for better disease management
By Vangelis Papagrigoriou: Tuesday 8th November, 2016

Wearable sensors and the ecological validity barrier

Wearable sensors for the monitoring of digital biomarkers are one of the most exciting trends for the future of healthcare. Most of this excitement stems from the fact that clinical assessments of motor (primarily) and non-motor (to a lesser extent) functions are recorded using qualitative means and scales during clinical assessments. As a result, assessments can […]

Digital Biomarkers can unlock the barriers for better disease management
By Vangelis Papagrigoriou: Tuesday 18th October, 2016

Wearables and digital biomarkers – the future is not here yet

The digital drug delivery ecosystem is set to continue expanding beyond fitness apps and connected drug delivery devices. Wearable technology for the monitoring of digital biomarkers will play a key role in this expansion and will set the direction for the future of digital health. Wearables can complement established treatment options and provide data and […]

By Lasse Mogensen: Friday 8th January, 2016

The drug delivery device is dead. Long live the therapy manager

When diabetes patients are asked what has the greatest negative impact on their quality of life there is one answer that outnumbers all others: it is not the injections, or the daily blood glucose measurements, or the dietary restrictions that impact their life the most. It is the need to pay attention to their condition every […]

By Dominic Reber: Thursday 3rd December, 2015

Three rules for ‘quality by design’ drug delivery device development

If your electric toothbrush suffers a mechanical failure, it’s annoying. But what if you’re a diabetes patient and your injector pen jams in the middle of your insulin dose? Or a COPD patient and your inhaler lets you down? The consequences can be devastating. That’s why a ‘quality by design’ (QbD) approach is crucial when […]

Device platform
By Iain Simpson: Friday 27th November, 2015

Mind the gap between the product and the platform

In a workshop at the recent PDA Universe of Prefilled Syringes Conference held in Vienna,  I spoke about the role of technology consultancies, such as Cambridge Consultants, in the development of combination devices.  Much of the focus of my talk was on how we can work with device companies and their pharma partners to support […]

The future of delivery
By Vangelis Papagrigoriou: Tuesday 24th November, 2015

The top 8 qualities that injectable drug delivery devices will have in the future

I often interact with technologists, patients and healthcare professionals who have a particular interest in injectable drug delivery devices such as large volume wearable injectors (patch pumps) and auto-injectors. It is frequent during these interactions that a very open question – along the lines of What will the future of injectable drug delivery devices look […]

Vial and syringe
By Matthew Allen: Thursday 22nd October, 2015

Wearable injectors: the patient’s point of view

The past couple of years we have witnessed an ever-increasing interest in wearable injectors or patch pumps. One of the drivers for this is the increasing number of biologics in pharma’s pipeline which are difficult to deliver by a simple syringe. It is sometimes the case that when the driving force for a new device […]

By Iain Simpson: Thursday 17th September, 2015

What can a hackathon tell us about medical product development?

My colleague Tim Murdoch recently wrote a blog mentioning that Cambridge Consultants is delighted to be supporting a Novartis and COPD Foundation led hackathon at Imperial College London on Sept 19 and 20.  I am pleased to say that preparations for the event are going well and I am looking forward to taking part with […]

By Lai Chiu Tang: Thursday 10th September, 2015

Considerations when designing an inhaler for COPD patients

In a week’s time our engineers, designers and medical technologists are mentoring BREATHE an international Hackathon into COPD which is being sponsored by Novartis and the COPD Foundation. Patients and physicians will also take part and we look forward to using our experience in this area in helping attendees coming up with new ideas which could potentially […]


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