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Innovative patient centric design
By SymonCotton: Wednesday 3rd October, 2012

The power of “why” in innovative product development

Asking “why?” early in a product’s development can lead to truly innovative ideas and approaches which often produce something which is both genuinely useful to the user and is commercially successful. In the healthcare and diagnostics industry products and solutions are moving closer to the patient, and indeed often into their homes, making this an increasingly important […]

operating room surgical
By admin: Wednesday 13th April, 2011

How does wireless medical enable the Digital OR?

The use of new wireless medical devices in the hospital and Operating Room (OR) is a subject that is getting everyone’s attention at the moment. It was the theme of the recent Silicon South West i-Med conference and is also coming up at an event organised by Cambridge Wireless. We’ve reached the point where the […]


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