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Thumb nail
By David Robinson: Thursday 18th August, 2016

ASSIS – A virtual assistant concept to help you take your medication

The objects in our lives are changing, fast. They are getting smarter and our relationship with them has shifted. Last night I asked my phone – just by speaking to it – to set an alarm, which still amazes me. With new technological advancements like this, society is on the cusp of vast change. All […]

Two sided brain
By Ben Zwillinger: Wednesday 15th June, 2016

How Might Economics Help Human Factors?

After recently watching Dan Ariely’s documentary, (Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies, a film about humans tendency to lie, I was drawn to how some of the research he presents could be used to further the field of human factors (HF). As any HF practitioner will tell you, we work in a multidisciplinary field involving engineering, psychology, design, and ergonomics, to […]

By Lasse Mogensen: Friday 9th October, 2015

Spaceship crash shows user skills are not enough

The investigation into the crash of Virgin Galactic’s prototype SpaceShipTwo reminds us of the designer’s responsibility to consider human factors when designing safety critical equipment. On October 31st 2014 Virgin Galactic’s prototype space plane – built by Scaled Composites – crashed during a test flight, causing the tragic death of co-pilot Michael Alsbury. On July […]

By Tim Wooller: Monday 9th March, 2015

PharmaPack 2015 – Medical Packaging gets smart

I recently attended PharmaPack Europe 2015 in Paris, an exhibition and conference dedicated to medical packaging and drug delivery. It was great to see so many familiar faces and companies attend a show which has grown ten-fold since 1997 to 380 exhibitors and 3500 visitors in 2015. This just goes to show the rising importance […]

By Matthew Allen: Thursday 5th March, 2015

Drug Delivery patch pumps – creating innovative patient solutions

Call it a patch pump or on-body injector the fact is that Amgen’s new Neulasta delivery device is an interesting development for both Drug Delivery Device Developers and patients alike. It’s an interesting example of how technology can bring innovative solutions to improving patient’s lives. Patch pumps have been around for years delivering insulin to diabetes […]

By Matthew Allen: Wednesday 7th May, 2014

Respiratory Drug Delivery 2014 – Device Development session

On day three of RDD 2014 the device developers take centre stage. It’s great to see 3M presenting their dose by dose counter for MDI. Cambridge Consultants collaborated with 3M on aspects of development, scale up and design for manufacture of the 3M Integrated Dose by Dose Counter which is now commercialised and FDA-approved in conjunction with […]

Inhaler development
By Matthew Allen: Friday 13th September, 2013

Inhaler development – the next chapter

In the world of inhaler development, one subject has dominated Cambridge Consultants’ discussions with industry, the route to the holy grail of a generic Advair, GSK’s $8billion a year asthma treatment and the third largest selling drug in the world. Recent guidance from the FDA finally makes the development hurdles clear for inhaler developers  and could allow generic copies of Advair […]

PiOna drug delivery device
By Matthew Allen: Tuesday 13th November, 2012

Taking the pain out of drug delivery

Every so often, in the world of Drug Delivery Devices, we become aware of  a problem just begging for a solution. The injection of viscous fluids is an issue for many drug applications, the long injection times and large bore needles make the procedure uncomfortable and unpleasant. Couple this with self injection by an inexperienced […]


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