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explain yourself machine
By Joe Smallman: Thursday 10th August, 2017

Explain yourself machine

According to Stephen Hawking, artificial intelligence will be “either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity”. The recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are largely due to developments in machine learning. However, one of the key challenges of machine learning is that when ‘the machine’ gets it wrong, it is very hard […]

AI Artificial intelligence
By Amy King: Monday 13th March, 2017

Artificial Intelligence: robot overlords or a power for social good?

Search for artificial intelligence on the internet and it’s as if you’ve stepped into a sci-fi film. Headlines declaring we should be scared of robots who will not only take our jobs but our freedom as well. Scenarios of AI creations pitted against their human creators, aspiring to ultimately supplant them and rule the Earth. […]

By Trevor Wood: Friday 3rd February, 2017

Big Data: Tomorrow’s World or Black Mirror

In my favourite episode of Black Mirror, personal data is weaponised. The episode portrays a world where personal information is stored forever and used to determine a ubiquitous social currency. Among the nasty consequences is that a failure to keep up appearances might leave you unable to board an aeroplane or live in a fashionable […]

By Dave Gladwin: Tuesday 4th October, 2016

3D vision with holographic radar

Holographic radar was in the news this morning as I drove in to work. The Breakfast Show was talking about drone detection systems being trialled and deployed by Aveillant, a spin out company from Cambridge Consultants. Aveillant was founded in 2011 to exploit the ability of 3D holographic radar to mitigate the clutter caused by […]

How long until a computer can recognise this cat on the street, with only these two photos to go on?
By Sarah Lewis: Monday 26th September, 2016

Big data, little data

Chris wrote earlier this year  that we’ve been experimenting with DCNNs (deep convolutional neural networks)  for machine vision, using our fruit-picking robot as a toy application. It’s time for an update. To start with, some explanation. Machine image recognition is based on ‘features’. A feature is any measurable property of an image, for example the […]

By Joe Smallman: Tuesday 6th October, 2015

Keeping an open mind about open source

Combining open source tools with in-house expertise can open up a world of possibilities for highly tailored solutions. The ‘not invented here’ bias is a fascinating psychological principle where in-house solutions are preferred over third party products. Ignoring the negative connotations that are usually associated with this bias, there are a few reasons why a […]

By David Rimmer: Monday 1st June, 2015

Advanced machine learning algorithms – helping to model supply chains

Modern supply chains are complex dynamic systems with often counter-intuitive dynamics that are subject to fluctuating supply and demand. The world economy and the delivery of vital commodities depends on these globe-spanning networks. Mathematical models of the supply chain can help but they are difficult and expensive to create, and out-of-date almost as soon as […]


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