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Andrew Stron on fibre optic sensing
By Andrew Strong: Wednesday 27th September, 2017

Optical fibre sensors – what’s next?

Optical fibre sensing has been around for some time, but only a small proportion of the sensing capabilities of fibre have been commercially exploited. Andrew Strong reflects on the current world of optical sensors and where the next commercial success may be found.

By Roger Burton: Thursday 9th March, 2017

Two sides of the same corn: in-soil nitrate sensing to reduce over-application of nitrogen

Up to 70% of applied nitrogen in agriculture is wasted. Integration of technology such as optical interrogation, drones and satellite imaging with agricultural equipment is showing increases in yield and decreases in operating costs. With new sensing technologies, robust implementations and intelligent data handling and analysis, it is possible to greatly reduce this wastage. Agricultural […]

By Simon Jordan: Thursday 1st December, 2016

The Lost Art of Control

There’s no shortage of Silicon Valley companies eager to wire up the world, and no shortage of sensor manufacturers which can supply new measurements of process variables. The systems to shape and present all this data have benefitted massively from the ‘big data gold rush’. This is leading to a new problem – and one […]

By Roger Burton: Thursday 3rd November, 2016

Nitrate Sensing in the Soil

Artificial fertiliser has been used for more than a century to increase crop yields. It’s typically the biggest annual operational expenditure for a farmer and therefore it’s important to use it correctly. Too much and it’s not only a waste, but it can create groundwater run-off, causing eutrophication and health issues. too little and crop yield […]

By Tom Fry: Tuesday 12th July, 2016

Technology Transfer to some of the World’s Largest Industries

My colleague’s article on Edge Intelligence is well timed. Economic and environmental pressures are forcing companies, and indeed entire industries, to find ever more innovative solutions to optimize their processes and reduce down time. The shift from traditional manufacturing processes towards Smart Factories or Industry 4.0 requires a combination of smart sensors, wireless and wired […]

Picking Fruit
By Chris Roberts: Wednesday 8th June, 2016

Shallow Thoughts on Deep Learning

One of the problems in working with robotics and machine vision, is that it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish the easy problems from the hard ones. Randall Monroe said it better than I can here. We ran into this problem with our robot fruit-picker – sometimes people just didn’t get how difficult it is for a vision algorithm […]

By Simon Jordan: Wednesday 22nd April, 2015

Everything’s a thermometer! But can two thermometers be as good as a perfect sensor?

It’s well known that all measurement devices are affected by temperature – from the oscillators used in mobile phones to the need to measure tyre pressures ‘cold’. In fact, all sensors are sensitive to more than one thing,  and an understanding of the interplay of factors is essential in order to get beyond a first-order […]

By Nathan Wrench: Wednesday 22nd April, 2015

The world is not short of innovation, but not all innovations are created equal

The majority of design and development effort expended by industry results in incremental innovations – those that manage to change a product – a particular model is improved and replaced with something better, faster, cheaper…but it remains doing essentially the same task, within the same product portfolio.  A radical innovation will change your company – […]


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