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By Cassandra Padbury: Thursday 23rd February, 2017

A Dhalicious Beer: the pulse to pint innovation

I was intrigued to follow the latest new product development in beer. Looking for new innovative uses for its King Red Split Lentils AGT Foods first approached Saskatchewan based Rebellion Brewing Co. to challenge the VP and Brewmaster to make a craft beer from its lentils. And so Lentil Cream Ale was born. AGT have […]

By Dave Gladwin: Monday 5th December, 2016

The Invention Game

The first thing I can remember ‘inventing’ was an equation to describe a four dimensional cube (a tesseract), I was 14 years old on an outward-bound course and I was bored one evening. At the age of 17 I ‘invented’ a security system for my first car, a switch that cut the current to the […]

By Andrew Lintott: Monday 28th November, 2016

Serendipitous Sam and the good ideas factory

My daughter’s interest started in the springtime, in an orchard, stemming from a seemingly inconsequential conversation about four leaf clovers. As I recall it was my wife who explained that sometimes, if you look, you can find a four leaf clover – and if you do then you are very lucky because very few people […]

By Antonno Versteeg: Monday 27th July, 2015

Innovation is like cycling: it is all about balance

Learning to cycle is something that is hard, needs perseverance and might include a few painful crashes along the way. But after a while things will become easier and when the brain has learnt how to balance and push the pedals, this skill is almost impossible to ‘unlearn’. In a sense, successful innovation is similar. […]

By Cassandra Padbury: Thursday 16th July, 2015

Technology Roadmapping through space: Deciding when to launch innovations

Roadmapping is a tool we often use in our Technology Management Consulting team. We help our clients bring together commercial and strategic perspectives with those of technology and R&D to examine what products or experiences could be launched to achieve business objectives. For us this often means working at the 3-5 year timescale asking what […]

product development
By admin: Friday 15th March, 2013

Product development: luxury or necessity?

In a recent interview with the Cambridge News, our CEO Alan Richardson commented on the fact that Cambridge Consultants is set to double the size of the business over the next few years and outlined his strategy for growth.  Naturally, central to this is our ability to offer exciting careers to top-flight engineers; with 30 […]

By admin: Friday 7th December, 2012

Demonstrating the value of Innovative Product Development

“if you’re not growing by more than your industry benchmark, then you are not innovating enough”

By admin: Friday 3rd August, 2012

Insights into innovation: why does ‘recycling’ mean more than coloured bins to product developers?

Innovative product development doesn’t always mean coming up with a completely new idea.  In fact, after a decade of seeing the results of product development in action, I’m convinced that some of the best ideas are ones that are recycled. So in the same way that unwanted CDs and the like can get reinvented into […]

By admin: Wednesday 8th February, 2012

Innovating 5,000 years of tradition

According to a recent CNN article, our obsession with tea has been around for nearly five thousand years, so what can a product development company from Cambridge possibly innovate here?   Well, it’s all about watching consumer trends. Look at the past decade and you’d be hard pushed not to have noticed the arrival of the […]

By Alan Richardson: Thursday 8th September, 2011

Will finding the Higgs boson have any impact on our lives?

Arguments are often put that money that is spent on research should be targeted on things of economic value. Currently a large multi-national effort is going on to find the Higgs Boson in experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Particle physicists say that our current understanding of physics fundamentally explains the evolution of […]