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Smart Home
By Tom Fry: Monday 17th April, 2017

How much energy is your home consuming? And where is it going?

How much energy is your home consuming? And where is it going? Home energy monitoring is an industry that has experienced rapid growth over last 5 years but this is a question that many home owners still find themselves asking. Traditionally, home energy management systems can very easily measure the total power consumption of the […]

By Tom Fry: Tuesday 12th July, 2016

Technology Transfer to some of the World’s Largest Industries

My colleague’s article on Edge Intelligence is well timed. Economic and environmental pressures are forcing companies, and indeed entire industries, to find ever more innovative solutions to optimize their processes and reduce down time. The shift from traditional manufacturing processes towards Smart Factories or Industry 4.0 requires a combination of smart sensors, wireless and wired […]

Production line
By Simon Jordan: Thursday 5th May, 2016

Edge Intelligence

The Internet of Things (IoT) is full of promise for remote monitoring. This is critical to modern businesses – not just because customer expectations are higher, but they are tending to provide services rather than hardware. Rolls-Royce famously did this with their jet engines, selling thrust rather than metal. This has accounting advantages for the […]