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Smart Home
By Tom Fry: Monday 17th April, 2017

How much energy is your home consuming? And where is it going?

How much energy is your home consuming? And where is it going? Home energy monitoring is an industry that has experienced rapid growth over last 5 years but this is a question that many home owners still find themselves asking. Traditionally, home energy management systems can very easily measure the total power consumption of the […]

Photographic focus
By Alan Richardson: Friday 2nd March, 2012

Where should we be drawing the line on privacy and security?

Where should be drawing the line in innovation between valuable services and data privacy? Google has created a stir by changing its privacy rules and there are allegations that the new rules breach EU privacy rules.

By Alan Richardson: Tuesday 7th February, 2012

Value in the Public Sector

I mentioned in my blog on major IT projects like smart metering some of the problems governments are having in getting the right balance between using commercial technology strands enjoying large private sector investment and building on those, versus be-spoke innovative product development and the dead ends these sometimes reach. Building on this point, I noticed that the folk at Software Advice have been talking about the related issue of adoption of cloud based services by the public sector.

By Alan Richardson: Friday 4th November, 2011

Convenience, vulnerabilty and upgradeability in innovative product development

A growing theme in innovative product developments of the last decade is exploiting the benefits of connection. The public has shown time and again that it values the convenience of connection very highly. But there is a sometimes implicit trade-off. For instance, the rise of internet banking has been a gold mine for organised crime. The […]

By Alan Richardson: Tuesday 17th May, 2011

So you’re concerned about your Smart Phone being tracked – you ain’t seen nothing yet

There are real challenges to innovative wireless product development. Not so much from the difficulty of implementing wireless technologies though that can be challenging but from the system complexity that often attends wireless product development and deployment. One facet of the increasingly wireless connected world in which we live is that data about all of […]

By Alan Richardson: Tuesday 22nd March, 2011

Energy pricing – set to get more confusing with smart meters

Yesterday, there was a flurry in the news about the confusing tariffs offered by the six major energy suppliers in the UK, but you ain’t seen nothing yet! To secure carbon emissions benefits some major innovative product developments are underway but if human factors and security are not prioritised then the result could be confusion and limited progress to the goal.