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By Alan Richardson: Friday 11th May, 2012

Medical implant vulnerability is not fundamental

A number of recent reports have highlighted the potential vulnerability of medical implants to hacker attack. It is undoubtedly possible to produce radio linked devices for many applications that are vulnerable to attack and vulnerability tends to increase for battery powered devices because some cryptographic and authentication functions use significant energy.

By admin: Wednesday 14th September, 2011

Innovation… On the Edge

As an innovative product development company we get involved – not surprisingly – with all sorts of new product development; from coffee machines through to cardiac monitors. But once in a while, we have to develop products that can work truly on the edge…. in some of the most inhospitable places in the world, and […]

By Alan Richardson: Wednesday 29th June, 2011

Cambridge White Space Trial – first tweet over White Space by Cambridge Consultants?

One of the progenitors of innovative wireless product development is the adoption of new standards …The first radio concept along these lines is the use of the white space in the TV spectrum on allocation and time dependent basis to provide services such as rural broadband and yesterday we sent the first tweet over a white space link from our building at Cambridge Consultants to a subscriber terminal in Cottenham.

By Alan Richardson: Tuesday 17th May, 2011

So you’re concerned about your Smart Phone being tracked – you ain’t seen nothing yet

There are real challenges to innovative wireless product development. Not so much from the difficulty of implementing wireless technologies though that can be challenging but from the system complexity that often attends wireless product development and deployment. One facet of the increasingly wireless connected world in which we live is that data about all of […]