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The internet of wild things

By Tim Murdoch - Last updated: Wednesday, August 13, 2014

There really is nowhere left to hide. “Instant Wild”, the digital service we built with the London Zoological Society to take photos of activities in remote areas of Kenya, continues to capture the imagination. This time in a piece on the internet of things (IoT) for Oracle’s profit magazine.

As an example of where the internet of things is going, Instant Wild really delivers:

  • A camera based thing at the very edge of the world,
  • made a part of the internet by satellite, combined with
  • an engaging mobile app to crowd source eyes.

No wonder we continue to receive interest from journalists searching for a hook upon which to build a discussion piece.

And to follow where many have now gone; there is no doubt that the internet and the things connected to it continue to blur. Indeed, it probably won’t be long before more things are connected to the internet than not.

Which forces us to ask a rather big question; are we ready to live in a world where everything comes with an app and a digital service?


AuthorTim Murdoch

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