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Ventures and Spin-Outs: Its about stand out talented people

By Alan Richardson - Last updated: Thursday, August 26, 2010

I have always prided myself on how a career at Cambridge Consultants is a great grounding to be a technology entrepreneur as has been demonstrated with our numerous successful spin off companies and ventures (Domino, Xaar, CSR, ,….). Its that mixture of exposure to technology, product development and business issues that is such a rare thing.It was great to see our ex colleagues Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley demonstrating their superb product the Kymera Wand and pitching for investment in the Dragon’s Den. I thought they gave a stand out pitch, probably the best ever seen in the Den. Chris and Richard are exceptional quality individuals, but I like to think that the experience they gained at Cambridge Consultants where every project has to be sold to a demanding client so you have learn to be both on top of the technolgoy and the commercial needs to make it happen was great training. They both left Cambridge Consultants as founders of Pelikon Limited which amongst other things developed Universal Remote Controls based on an electroluminescent display technology. Its neat the way, Chris’s sparking creativity, Richard’s talent for implementation and what they’ve learned about business and remote controls all combined into the perfect pitch.

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