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We’re hiring! – our new recruitment campaign gets under way in Boston

By David Bradshaw - Last updated: Monday, April 13, 2015

The demand for world-class innovative product development is growing all the time. Each year sees us helping more and more clients turn brilliant ideas into commercial products. And that in turn means more opportunities for top-flight people to come and join us – and really make a difference every day.

That’s why we’ve just launched a new recruitment campaign in Boston, with a series of advertisements on the Red Line ‘T’ and commuter trains out of South Station.

Recruitment is high on our agenda as we continue to grow our new, larger Boston office. Situated on the border between the emerging Innovation District and the centrally located Financial District, our new space brings together cutting-edge technology and world-class design. We plan to grow the office from 42 employees to 100 over the next two to three years.

So who are we looking for? There’s a clue in the ads – curious, creative problem solvers, of all levels of experience. Our engineers, scientists, mathematicians and designers work on our clients’ toughest challenges. In return, we give them access to a pipeline of cutting-edge design and development projects, and specialised facilities such as a professionally-equipped simulated operating room and an anechoic chamber. Other facilities include rapid prototyping workshops, wet labs, a dedicated creativity space and a human factors suite – all under one roof.

This approach means we can deliver astonishingly quick results. Imagine the design iteration of a typical wireless bodily implant – traditionally, the round trip from design studio to electronics lab to anechoic chamber to operating room and back again can take weeks, incurring significant expense, delays and wasted travel time. Our new space allows us to take a design through all these phases during the course of a day – with the entire development team only a few steps away.

With over 200 new projects starting every year at Cambridge Consultants, this efficiency is key to our success. Furthermore, it translates into more project opportunities and a dynamic development environment for you, the latest addition to our high-performance, fun-loving, world-changing product development team.

By applying our own product development philosophy and techniques to the design of our new accommodation, we have created an energetic workplace that is intellectually inspiring, incredibly productive and a joy to work in – all of which has a profound effect on our ability to efficiently develop products that will delight our clients’ end users.

Sounds too good to be true? Find out for yourself. Take a look at our current list of job opportunities.


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