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By Michal Gabrielczyk: Friday 18th August, 2017

What’s it worth? 5G and a new approach to spectrum valuation

    With a number of 5G spectrum awards on the horizon, it seems like the right time to reflect on the way in which it is awarded. Auctions are favoured in most markets around the world, as it’s generally accepted that these allow assignment to be guided to the user with the highest value […]

Innovative digital revolution of internet of things
By Tim Winchcomb: Wednesday 19th July, 2017

IoT security risks are real but will not stop its growth

In 1981 the first mass outbreak of a computer virus, the Elk Cloner, took place, infecting Apple II computers via floppy disks. Even though it relied on the manual sharing of disks to replicate, public ignorance of the new threat meant it spread quickly. Today there are about 18 billion computers and electronic devices connected […]

By Colin Campbell: Friday 12th May, 2017

What links drone racing, groceries and 5G?

Drone racing looks really cool, particular the First Person View (FPV) stuff: It’s Star Wars made small and real. Not convinced? Check this out: Fun, right? I’m a Senior Consultant in our Wireless and Digital Services division – a wireless guy – so my mind immediately goes to that First Person View and I think […]

Paul Beastall
By Paul Beastall: Wednesday 3rd May, 2017

Vlog: the promise and challenges of NB-IoT

Narrow-Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is an exciting technology, offering ‘direct-to-cloud’ connectivity for billions of devices at very low cost. However, it’s not without its challenges… Paul Beastall, Consulting Director of Technology Strategy, shares his thoughts in this video blog. For in-depth analysis, download our Ofcom report: Review of latest developments in the Internet of Things. […]

Room interiors and lifestyle
By Michal Gabrielczyk: Friday 31st March, 2017

When is a Smart Home truly ‘smart’?

To date most connected home products have essentially been limited to souped-up remote controls, often only allowing users to control items in their home from an app. These are technical achievements, but it’s questionable whether we can really call this ‘smart’. Many solutions focus on just a small set of specific features, resulting in a […]

By Dr Dominic Crutchley: Wednesday 22nd March, 2017

Mesh networks and the search for the hard stuff

I really like hard problems, and so when people say ‘mesh networks’ to me, my mind is instantly drawn to the hardest problem I can think of: ‘Mobile Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks’. Mesh networking is an interesting thing. It comes in many guises, and has been lauded over the years as the solution to a wide […]

Image courtesy Deutsche Telekom
By Robert Milner: Monday 13th March, 2017

The hidden leap forward at MWC17

Remember when the iPhone 4S came out, back in 2011? If it’s all blurring into one, let me remind you. The media talk was all about the introduction of Siri, an improved camera and faster processing speeds. When Steve Jobs died the day after the phone’s launch, media interest followed this sad news, and the […]

Nokia 3310 - Stealing the show
By Paul Beastall: Thursday 9th March, 2017

Who will be the next Nokia or BlackBerry?

One of the biggest surprises from Mobile World Congress last week was the furore around the new Nokia 3310. Here we have a phone with no real internet connectivity, no touchscreen and a very low resolution camera. Despite the low specs, it is has undoubtedly stolen the limelight from the latest, greatest smartphone launches. Interestingly, […]

By Richard Leyland: Tuesday 7th February, 2017

Mobile World Congress is coming…

Mobile World Congress is just 20 days away, and here at Cambridge Consultants we’re counting down the days like a child at Christmas. We have more than 150 wireless experts in the company and a proud record of wireless innovation over decades, so this is the year’s big event for us. You’ll find us in […]

By Brett Wakley: Friday 3rd February, 2017

Radio Design and Black Magic

From fitness trackers to smart thermostats, connected products are increasingly common, part of the ever growing Internet of Things. But if the user has difficulty connecting to a product in order to make the most of all the fantastic functionality that is available, they are left with a negative impression. Worse still, if they can’t […]