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MedTech Accelerator Hackathon
By Tim Murdoch: Friday 3rd November, 2017

Digital health – a better path and a smarter one

Digital innovation is collaborative, often messy and almost always surprising: technology, business and customer colliding to transform the world as we know it today into something new. This was certainly the case at the MedTech Accelerator Hackathon recently where a few of my colleagues and I joined in to build on and refine the ideas […]

2015 Boston Marathon Weekend
By Sarah Lewis: Wednesday 3rd May, 2017

Boston Marathon: Are women better pacers?

Results are in from the 2017 edition of the Boston Marathon, and it looks like Boston’s old tradition of chasing women down the course and not quite catching them is alive and well… I’m an algorithm developer in our algorithms and analytics group – and I like to run marathons. We apply algorithms, machine learning […]