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Amazon's Alexa
By Tim Murdoch: Wednesday 12th October, 2016

Turing Services – Is that a human or an algo?

I recently discovered Omada Health, a fascinating Silicon Valley start-up that’s applying connected digital services to healthcare delivery. Omada is focused on those suffering from chronic diseases that affect tens of millions in the US alone, such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. The essence of the service is that subscribers sign up for “high-touch […]

Image courtesy Apple Inc
By Kalin Dimitrov: Friday 7th October, 2016

In praise of Apple’s “courage”

Won’t someone speak up for the little big guy?! The dust is now settling, but there can be no doubt that many people are unhappy about Apple removing the audio jack in the iPhone 7. So how about this: Despite all the grumbling, Apple has done something brilliant for the personal audio market. By going […]

Smart Dust
By Dr Dominic Crutchley: Wednesday 28th September, 2016

Where’s my Smart Dust?

In the mid-90s, those interested in wireless sensor networks began talking about ‘Smart Dust’. They envisaged that it would soon be possible to create incredibly small, wirelessly connected sensing nodes. Not unreasonably, they expected that these tiny sensors would have a myriad of life changing applications. Smart Dust would be so small and so cheap […]

Ready for the Quantum Revolution?
By Mark England: Monday 26th September, 2016

Are you ready for the Quantum Revolution?

Like many people, I thought that the promise of the quantum revolution was years, if not decades, away. However a recent Cambridge Wireless event described practical, working quantum devices emerging from the laboratory today. These have the same disruptive potential as the first transistor did back in the middle of the last century. So what […]

How did Apple do it?
By Kalin Dimitrov: Friday 16th September, 2016

AirPods – How did Apple do it?

While there are products out there that claim to have truly wireless ear buds, reviews for them have not been so great. Now we have Apple’s AirPods. I’m hoping that Apple engineers have solved all the problems that others have experienced and that true wireless earbuds will soon reach mainstream consumer adoption. Until they do, […]

By Arun Venkatasubramanian: Monday 12th September, 2016

Airpods and the magic of tiny hearables

Apple’s Airpods might kick start mainstream consumer interest in hearables. The devices look beautiful, they have a the might of a tech giant behind them, but how do you go about making something this small? Understanding the RF, particularly the radio antenna design, is critically important. The size and shape of the hearable dictates the […]

Cambridge Consultants has developed innovative Machine Vision technology for car parks.
By Robert Milner: Wednesday 7th September, 2016

What can digital health learn from Aldi’s use of digital services?

Chance is a funny thing. One of the things I do is create technology for retailers to improve the customer experience in their stores. One of my recent projects in this area was an innovative machine vision system that monitors how many parking spaces are free. So what are the chances that I would receive […]

By Tim Murdoch: Friday 12th August, 2016

Redefining ‘Product’ for the 21st Century

You used to know where you were with products. They were objects, things, stuff; often electronic devices driven by software. In the language of The Economist, “something you could drop on your foot”. In the last few years, those of us working in product development and technology creation have been driving a much more fluid […]

Lab prototyping
By Richard Leyland: Monday 18th July, 2016

Event – Rapid Prototyping the Next Generation of Wireless Systems

In today’s competitive wireless research space, the ability to quickly prototype ideas on hardware using real signals is more important than ever. This week we’re excited to speak at a one-day event, hosted by National Instruments and held here in Cambridge, UK, entitled ‘Rapid Prototyping the Next Generation of Wireless Systems’. Delegates will hear from […]

By Tim Whittaker: Friday 27th May, 2016

How to beat the FCC

If you are a significant user of radio microphones and personal monitors (‘in-ears’ or IEMs) in the USA today, you are probably worrying about the possible disappearance of another big piece of the UHF television spectrum. The program making and special events (PMSE) community makes use of UHF TV white space: the spare TV channels […]