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Communications Tower
By Colin Campbell: Friday 27th March, 2015

5G – the mobile industry’s final mistake?

Looking back at the history of mobile communications it looks like it takes 2 generations for the industry to get it right.  From the start, whilst 1G ushered in the mobile era and enabled untethered phone calls, the plethora of standards meant that mobility was limited typically to a single country.  The success of this ...

new wave of digital radio, cropped
By Tim Whittaker: Friday 23rd January, 2015

A new wave of digital radio?

As someone who started his career in broadcasting and then live sound, the Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam is one where I especially enjoy meeting past colleagues as well as new contacts. This year at ISE 2015, Hall 2, Stand 2-E60 we will be exhibiting something quite revolutionary: Pizzicato™, the world’s first completely digital radio ...

By Dipak Raval: Friday 2nd January, 2015

Connected Buildings

Making the building environment smarter and more comfortable is an innate human drive. But although our buildings today are unrecognisable from those 100 years ago in terms of comfort and finish, they are still largely manually operated ‘machines’. How smart could a building be if it knew where individuals were and what their preferences were? ...

Hudl 2
By Rob Denison: Friday 3rd October, 2014

More tech for Tesco – a good idea?

Buying the newly launched Hudl 2 is going to make the customer smile. Tesco have made something that’s three times faster than the previous generation available at a quarter of the cost of an iPad. However, apart from a fairly small revenue value, you have to wonder why? I believe they’re focussing on the carrot ...

By Jon Edgcombe: Monday 8th September, 2014

Apple’s next smartphone release and its knock-on effects on your technology interactions

Prepare for excitement around mobile payments this week when the iPhone 6 is unveiled – we predict Apple will become the last major smartphone manufacturer to join the near field communication (NFC) standard for short-range wireless communications between smartphones and the Internet of Things. Apple still punches above its weight when it comes to driving ...

Credit cards
By Rob Denison: Wednesday 9th July, 2014

Retail Technology Innovation is not a nice to have

For the retail industry, technology innovation is now all but essential for success.  However, it’s not been the focus for organisations in retail for most of their history. Resources are typically spent on traditional activities such as pricing strategies and, more recently, how to engender loyalty. Surprising then what’s been the main discussion point at ...

wireless picture (default)
By Tim Phipps: Thursday 15th May, 2014

LTE M2M is becoming an alphabet soup

LTE is driving growth in today’s smart-phone market. This blog looks forward to the even greater opportunities for communications enabled by LTE in Machine-2-Machine (M2M) applications. LTE for consumer M2M – evolving standards M2M communications are predicted to rise exponentially over the next few years. The consensus view of analysts is that there will be ...

By Robert Milner: Tuesday 18th March, 2014

NFC is now more exciting!

The thing that I have struggled with about Near field communication (NFC) is that it is very BORING. It’s great at securely storing small amounts of data, but there is a limit to what you can do and how excited you can get about this capability. There are some anti-counterfeit applications but most companies don’t ...

Duck Rabbit image
By Desmond Phillips: Thursday 5th December, 2013

Duck or Rabbit? Wireless consultancy benefits from open-process algorithm design

When confronted with a difficult signal processing requirement in wireless consultancy, the reflex response is to scour the literature for suitable algorithms (or perhaps invent your own). Self-satisfied, you deposit your equations on the desk of a compliant engineer who begins the laborious process of implementation. It is a top-down process with knowledge transfer in ...

By Tim Phipps: Thursday 28th November, 2013

What role does personal data privacy play in wireless product development?

Conference overview I recently spoke at an event organised by Cambridge Wireless with the theme “No Free Lunch: The Consumer as Product in a Data-Driven Economy”. It was a fascinating event on recent developments in wireless product design, with a wide range of informed views which deserve a wider audience. The theme being that personal data ...