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By Billy Trend: Wednesday 29th July, 2015

How to Change a Life with Service Design

Lizzie is a 12 year old with type 1 diabetes. As she gets older she is becoming more responsible for managing her disease. Her doctor has prescribed her with KiCo. KiCo is a secure online service which provides a hands-off way to keep everyone in the loop with Lizzie’s health. Lizzie wakes up. It’s 6.30 ...

Vecchie glorie
By Tim Whittaker: Friday 5th June, 2015

The all-digital radio microphone?

The design challenges for radio microphones increase all the time as pressure on spectrum in the UHF and 1-2GHz bands increases all the time: examples include the loss to users of whitespace spectrum of the 700MHz (698-806MHz) TV band in the USA, as well as a up-coming auction of (some or all of) the 614-698MHz ...

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By Tim Phipps: Thursday 15th May, 2014

LTE M2M is becoming an alphabet soup

LTE is driving growth in today’s smart-phone market. This blog looks forward to the even greater opportunities for communications enabled by LTE in Machine-2-Machine (M2M) applications. LTE for consumer M2M – evolving standards M2M communications are predicted to rise exponentially over the next few years. The consensus view of analysts is that there will be ...

Duck Rabbit image
By Desmond Phillips: Thursday 5th December, 2013

Duck or Rabbit? Wireless consultancy benefits from open-process algorithm design

When confronted with a difficult signal processing requirement in wireless consultancy, the reflex response is to scour the literature for suitable algorithms (or perhaps invent your own). Self-satisfied, you deposit your equations on the desk of a compliant engineer who begins the laborious process of implementation. It is a top-down process with knowledge transfer in ...

Cambridge Wireless Discovering Start Ups 2011
By Tim Phipps: Thursday 18th July, 2013

Future of Wireless International Conference

I’ve just returned from the 2013 Future of Wireless International Conference, organised by Cambridge Wireless. The conference took as its theme the growth in the wireless communications for the Internet-of-Things (IoT), under the title “Everything Will Be Connected. (Did you really say 50 billion devices?)”. It was a 2 day event, full of presentations and ...